bananaslik 10:20 09 Jun 2004

Has anyone had any dealings with this company if so could you let me know how you got on.i ask for a friend who ordered a system & after 5 weeks of calls to them they sent the system.The spec was not what he ordered,he phone & phone & in the end it seemed they had turned the phone off.He has repeatedlt e-mailed them but to know avail.#it is now another five weeks down the line & they still have not got in touch with him.He has contacted local trading standards office who in turn got in touch with trading standards in Doncaster and they said that the company are still trading.My friends next move will probably be legal advise but i would just like to know if anyone has dealt with this company,who i might add trade on e-bay this is where my friend bought it from & as you know once bought they take the cash out straight away which i thought was a cheek considering that they hadn't dispatched the goods yet.please everyone b very carefull if dealing with this company..

  spuds 10:53 09 Jun 2004

Did the trading standards not offer advice on how to pursue this matter, before thinking of going the route of legal action. They must have been very interested, due to the fact that they contacted their counterparts in Doncaster.

  bananaslik 15:01 09 Jun 2004

hi spuds,yes i think they r going to pursue the company,they were going to give dotcom another week to sort it out.i will be seeing my friend tomorrow to see what is happening.The other thing is that because he bought it through e-bay he hasn't got a proper reciept from dotcom.i never believed one of these horror stories we all read each week could happen to a friend.i will keep you posted as i hear the goings on (poss more info 2mrow night)many thanks.

  spuds 10:31 10 Jun 2004

Like most things, ebay is no different when it comes to that 'one bad result'. It looks like a case of wait and see what the trading standards come up with. In the meantime, I would suggest that ebay are made aware of the events, if things become much more concerning. Good Luck, and let's hope everything turns out okay.

  bananaslik 20:04 10 Jun 2004

Many thanks Spuds,iv'e not heard anymore yet but if i do i will let you know.i think e-bay have been informed.

  gabriella 00:10 11 Jun 2004

Give us the address and phone no and I will try to do some checking for you......I live locally and have lots of contacts in the area and perhaps someone will know what's going on, couldn't find them in the phone book or Thompsons local. Are they very new?

Gabriella x

  bananaslik 09:00 11 Jun 2004

hi gabriella will get the address for you today,i believe my friend said the phone line is now either dead or they r not answering it (he tried phoning them many times over the last 10 weeks.but i will get the address today-once again many thanks.
ps,sorry for the triple post above i don't know how i did it.

  gabriella 21:07 11 Jun 2004

Hi Bananaslik

Was the purchase made on a credit card, if so, I may have some helpful info to share based on recent experiences of mine with another company. The protection is quite good on a credit card. Write back and let me know.

Gabriella x

  tappajabba 22:57 11 Jun 2004

these are sent to you at the end of the transaction so print it out and produce that as proof of purchase.


  Forum Editor 23:05 11 Jun 2004

1. Your friend will be protected by consumer legislation if the goods delivered did not match the goods ordered.

2. If your friend paid by credit card he will also be protected - to a degree - by the card provider, who will pursue the matter on his behalf, BUT........they will only do so when your friend has taken all reasonable steps to remedy the problem. You say that he bought the computer via Ebay - did he use the PayPal system by any chance?

3. Five weeks is a long time, and I'm surprised that your friend has waited so long before taking some positive action - does he have a postal address for these people? If he does, I recommend that he sends a letter by special delivery (not recorded delivery), informing them that he is dissatisfied with the goods, and is rejecting them. He must state that he wants a full refund (if indeed that is what he wants) within 7days of the date of the letter or he will take further action for recovery without reference to them.

4. Impress on your friend that the need for action is urgent - the matter mustn't be allowed to drift.

  bananaslik 08:43 12 Jun 2004

many thanks to all concerned i believe that my friend paid by switch.Hi F.E yes he does have the full postal address i am going to get it off him for gabriella he said he would look into it also.I know my friend has dragged his feet a bit on the matter but he was not sure about the 'cooling off periods' & things like that.If i'd have known a bit earlier i could have helped more & got him to act quicker,But i will get back in touch about this.

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