Don't you just hate Windows sometimes?!

  ams4127 16:34 01 Feb 2003

Having recovered from my recent disaster and reinstalled XP I decided the other night to install my printer drivers since Windows had not picked it up automatically.

The printer (HP Photosmart 1000) is in the same position it has always been and connected the same way (via a USB hub).

Firstly I tried to get XP to recognise it. Nothing - no printer connected. Oh yes there is!

Ok, change cable - still nothing. Bang in HP disk and follow instructions (it worked before). Up comes the message "Printer not responding"

So, disconnect cable from hub and plug directly into PC. This involves much grovelling around in the dark under desk, finding long lost golf gloves and other things which are too nasty to be mentioned here! By this time I am getting annoyed!

Still nothing. Disconnect evrything from USB ports and try again. Still no response. Try every conceivable combination of cables and ports while anger and temperature rise. Smack head several times on desk and make resolution to have large desk enabled bonfire!

Finally decide to put everything back the way it was originally and leave it to the next evening when things have cooled down a bit.

Emerge from under desk, reconnect the hub, plug the printer back in and......guess what?

XP springs into life informing me that it "has found new hardware, Photosmart 1000, and is installing the drivers for it"

Don't you just hate it when that happens?!

  Sir Radfordin™ 17:08 01 Feb 2003

HP printers on USB aren't the best of friends. Took me ages to get one working under Win98 after someone else had done a part install of the USB driver!

  Winston Churchill 17:10 01 Feb 2003

Hate windows SOMETIMES!!! ha.

  BRYNIT 19:29 01 Feb 2003

It’s those little gremlins hidden away in the background of Windows, just when you think it is safe to relax they pop up.

  Stuartli 20:01 01 Feb 2003

Wouldn't life be boring though?

This forum would probably die a natural death without the deluge of Windows problems...:-)

  tran1 21:52 01 Feb 2003

I hate it when windows refreshes. It closes down the screen apart from desktop wallpaper and reloads everything.

And also the random brain freezes it gets!!!!

I'm gonna jump onto the Linux Bandwagon when it becomes a bit maturer! lol

(Or maybe just install it on another hard drive and use both)

  two00lbwaster 00:12 02 Feb 2003

ive just started delving into the windows services and switching certain services off to speed up my pc's boot time (os win2k) which was shocking with sp3. luckly ive gotten it down to a reasonable time on my main machine and good comparitive times on my other two machines which have slow hdd and not much in the way of cache buffers

  ams4127 11:46 02 Feb 2003

I'm glad you all enjoyed my discomfort. A large hammer has removed the offending shelf from my desk!!

No more sore heads.

  kiltedjock 17:56 02 Feb 2003

I too have the HP PhotoSmart 1000 model. The disk that came with it was not XP compatible so I had to get the updated drivers from the net.

But there is one important thing about this upgrade that the driver writers do not tell you.

Plugging the printer into the computer to get XP to recognise the USB connection will invoke the Hardware installation wizard. Do not under any circumstances let the wizard carry through as it will break any attempts at installing from the driver update. The only solution I have discovered after doing this is to totally re-install XP. But you still have to do the following.

Unplug the USB cable for the printer from the computer and switch the printer on.
On an installation of XP that has never seen a HP PhotoSmart before, run the latest driver update for this printer. Take the wizard to the 'switch the printer on and plug in the USB cable' prompt. The printer should be installed correctly.

I would have thought that this installation process should totally wipe any previous refs to this printer from the registry etc. So maybe it is not XP's fault.

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