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  URRA 12:52 21 Jul 2004

I ordereda Canon printer from late on Tuesday, 13 July. It's now Wednesday, 21 July.

When ordering it was a 3-4 day delivery. The good com from a warehouse in France, fine 3-4 days. What I did not know at the time was that my printer would join the Tour de France for a few days. Then it continues a European Tour, going to Germany and the Netherlands. Where will it go next before reaching the delivery address in the East of England

Still not here 12:49am, 21 July 04.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:10 21 Jul 2004

Don't be ridiculous. One delivery that has not reached you does not give you the right to over-react. Stop throwing your toys out of the pram.


  wags 13:18 21 Jul 2004

GANDALF <|:-)> has summed it up well.

It has only been 7 working days so far, so hardly gives you cause to title your thread in such an alarmist manner.

I often buy products from, for example, 7 day shop in Guernsey and they frequently take over a week to be what's your problem ?

  URRA 13:21 21 Jul 2004

I have not got the toy to throw out!!

I could have mentioned more in the posting like their failure to reply to e-mails, tracking not reconising the delivery note numbers. So, your just sitting waiting for the goods, not knowing if you have been hit by a scam. The money was debited for the bank account very quickly.

It's a very poor sevice. I have used many websites for goods and this is a poor service.

  Al94 13:43 21 Jul 2004

Agree with others re the alarmist posting - not necessary to damn a company on the back of a delivery that has not arrived within a week! You may also have overlooked the fact that July 14th - Bastille Day - is a major National Holiday in France and this along with the usual aftermath of a National Holiday will have delayed your delivery I'm sure.

  turroo 14:55 21 Jul 2004

I bought a very exspensive camcorder from and it arrived on time 3 days later and they were £300 cheaper than in the UK. The only thing to remember is that the product was coming from France and they supplied a 2 pin plug, I got around this buy using an old plug in Video lead to charge the camcorder, but I could have used my elecric shaver adapter as well. I also recieved the Manual in English and 5 other languages. My Tracking number also worked, and the package arrived in mint condition, (packed with air bags) I would advice you to ring them and see if the helpful customer care can help you with your issue, don't worry they all speak English very well.

There Telephone number is 08700 118 117
from Monday to Saturday from 09:00am to 5:00pm

All the best

  Smiler 15:31 21 Jul 2004

As has been said you are over reacting. The company has been running for a number of years so to say it's a scam is ridiculous. I agree with turroo you should telephone them and speak to someone they are very helpful (and speak english).

If you cant track the parcel how do you know it's been to Germany & The Netherlands??

  URRA 18:02 21 Jul 2004

The scam reference was not that it was, but because the tracking did not recognize the package number until late on Monday, 6 days after the order, I was concerned that it MAYBE a scam. Monday being the fourth day of the 3-4 day delivery as stated on their website.

If they can not deliver in the time scales then all they should do is say so!! It’s that simple.

I have checked again on the tracker (17:56pm) and it appears the package is still in the Netherlands.

I still maintain that this is a poor service that I’m getting from PIXmania.

  Forum Editor 18:18 21 Jul 2004

with the service you've received, but that's a subjective judgment - it certainly doesn't justify the use of your thread title. Let other forum users make up their own minds about who they purchase goods from, and perhaps have a little dip into the patience bucket yourself. I know it's frustrating to have to wait when you're looking forward to some new hardware, but you used Pixmania for a reason - they had what you wanted at a price that you wanted to pay - so cut them a little more slack. If you're not happy about the printer being in the Netherlands give them a ring on the number turroo's provided - they're usually quite helpful.

  URRA 18:43 21 Jul 2004

I take your point about the thread title. I’ll choose my words more carefully next time.

End of thread.

  Sans le Sou 21:19 21 Jul 2004

Their tracking system never seems to work, however if you telephone them they are very good at responding to a failed dispatch. I had a similar problem and they dispatched a replacement as soon as I informed them. You always get the wrong number of digits in the tracking reference for some reason.

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