Don't use pcnext day!

  richardi 23:10 18 Nov 2006

Following a review in this magazine I ordered a computer from this company. They have now failed to deliver three times. I am now trying to get my money back. What are others experiences with this company. I can't believe they can get a simple delivery so wrong, so often. I will procede on the assumption of fraud if my money is not refunded on Monday 20th November. Why is this magazine recommending this company? I have now seen other threads from people who have had difficulty. PC Advisor, you must accept liability for the companies you recommend. Other readers beware pcnextday!

  Forum Editor 23:25 18 Nov 2006

you recommend"


We recommend computers that are submitted for review, we don't review or recommend companies. I suggest that you take a look through our forum archive - you'll see threads complaining about pretty well every computer supplier in Britain.

I'm not aware of the precise circumstances surrounding your order, or the reasons for the faioled deliveries to which you refer, but I must warn you to be very careful about alledging fraud unless you have concrete evidence to show that the comany deliberately set out to deprive you of your money and had no intention of supplying the computer. I'm quite sure you don't have such evidence, and therefore there's no question of fraud.

If you've asked for your money back there's not much we can do to assist you - apart from advising you that under current UK consumer law they have 30 days from the date of cancellation in which to make the refund to your card account.

  richardi 23:44 18 Nov 2006

Thankyou for the speedy reply. 'Fraud' implies a deliberate attempt to gain money dishonestly by taking payment without intention to supply goods. I think three failed delivery days is at first sight a good indication of either unimaginable ineptitude, or dishonesty. If the refund is forthcoming from the company then the matter will be over.

As far as your magazine is concerned, I have enjoyed it for some time and the only computer trouble I have had was when I foolishly bought a computer not reviewed by you. I take your point that every company will attract some complaints, however, if a particular company gets more than average then this should flag a 'buyer beware' highlight. Surely this is part of what makes a review worth taking seriously. I do not know if pcnextday falls into this catagory but feedback from readers needs to be collated at some point or there is no purpose to having feedback. This is my point about liability of magazines. If the magazine becomes aware there is a problem with a supplier then surely it is in the magaqzines interests to pass that information on to readers.

Thankyou for the consumer law information.

  DickBarton 13:55 25 Nov 2006

I have tried on numerous occassions to obtain information from PCNEXTDAY. They have no telephone links and there email takes days to give superficial information. I have accused their technical support of being a sales prevention department and despite the excellent specs and tests from PCADVISOR have decided against buying a desktop or my laptop from them. Compare the technical advice from MISCO! They have an army of excellent support staff. It true to say that you get exactly what you pay for.
By the way, do have statistics to prove your allegations that EVESHAM have excellent technical support?
Margaret B

  Forum Editor 16:07 25 Nov 2006

"By the way, do have statistics to prove your allegations that EVESHAM have excellent technical support?"

Who is that question addressed to, and to which 'allegations' are you referring?

  Forum Editor 16:09 25 Nov 2006

"I think three failed delivery days is at first sight a good indication of either unimaginable ineptitude, or dishonesty."

It certainly is not a 'good indication' of dishonesty at all - please make no further comments of that nature.

  philly73 18:30 25 Nov 2006

3 failed attempts to deliver ia actually attempts to deliver goods you have paid for.I can appreciate your disappointment but you should choose your words more carefully as you leave yourself open...just some friendly advice....)

  lisa02 19:46 25 Nov 2006


I think that richardi means that the company has not attempted to deliver on/for the date(s) they have given him. Otherwise known as delays.

  richardi 09:36 26 Nov 2006

Just to update the story. The computer I had ordered arrived on a day that had not been arranged. It was luck that anyone was in. The company have, after my requests, refunded the delivery charge.

I am happy with the computer but would never use this company again. Their customer service department gives the impression it is designed to keep the company safe from customers by creating a distance that customers cannot get through. Lack of telephone support is a problem, I think.

Some forum readers have found my comments on honesty an issue.I think those comments were appropriate and I would be very concerned if I ran a company that treated customers in this way.

  philly73 11:17 26 Nov 2006

Glad pc issue has been resolved i personally dont have an issue with your honesty.My concern was for you as to the use of the word 'fraud'

  Forum Editor 11:58 26 Nov 2006

or even angry with a supplier which lets you down.

Accusing the company of being dishonest, and alledging fraud without the slightest shred of evidence to support the allegaton is wrong, however, and we will not tolerate such comments here. Please do NOT make any further comments of that nature.

I'm delighted that you're happy with your new computer.

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