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  Steven135 21:38 16 Nov 2003

I posted earlier this week to say that i had just recieved a copy of Microsoft OneNote full boxed version completely free (selling on Amazon for £159.99) along with an evaluation copy of Office 2003.

OneNote will work as a stand alone product withour any other Office apps.

The offer is again on the Office UK Web Site.

click here

  Djohn 22:22 16 Nov 2003

Many thanks for the info. Just logged onto the site and requested my evaluation product, but it takes me to a secure site that uses Microsoft Passport.

I've tried this route before, where I log in and it then ask for my email address and states that a "One time" log-in code will be sent by e-mail. I'm still waiting for the code from last time. That was about three weeks back. I've sent a couple of reminders, but no reply. :o(

  TheTerminator 22:31 16 Nov 2003

Really good deal. Many thanks for pointing this out...

  Steven135 22:37 16 Nov 2003


Sorry you are having problems you could just register for a new passport account I have done this in the past and it usually works immediately.

click here

  Steven135 22:40 16 Nov 2003

I should also have reminded folk that Office 2003 products will only work on WXP or W2000

  Djohn 22:43 16 Nov 2003

Thanks, Steven135, just tried that. "sign up for a new account", but it says "You are already signed in as, [And gives my email address] I'll try to get a new account, but will have to use the same address, not sure if that will work. j.

  Steven135 22:48 16 Nov 2003


Have enabled automatic sign in? Clutching at straws I know.

Possibly use another family name?

  Djohn 22:55 16 Nov 2003

I will try with a different screen name, [I'm on AOL] because when I just tried to re-register, it came back with the same message. [You are already signed in, we will send your key by e-mail. I'll keep trying though as this will be very useful and will sit nicely with Office XP.

Once again though many thanks for the link. j.

  Djohn 23:18 16 Nov 2003

I logged on under one of my other screen-names and signed in for passport, it went through fine and didn't even require an email to be sent to me. [Strange that] anyway went back to your link, filled in the request form and it says "Please allow 28 days for delivery" contact phone number included. Thanks again, Steven135. :o)

  goonerbill 23:38 16 Nov 2003

cheers steven 135.

dont know much about one note but its worth finding out what it is when free. as it evaluation software, whats the restrictions on it.

  Steven135 23:49 16 Nov 2003


More info on OneNote can be found on the MS Office Site its a pretty powerful note taking application (but IMHO not worth the £159.99 it costs on Amazon).

There are no restrictions at all on the free version in this offer its not an evaluation copy but it is being given away with the evaluation version of Office 2003.

I am very pleased indeed with it, it's great for research etc.

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