t.bonez 23:44 12 Aug 2009

HI. 2 ANY WHO WANTS 2 READ MY RAMBLINGS! I recently purchased a so called high end computer from zoostorm on 10/4/09.mistake no#1.from the word go my blueray drive would not play blueray disks but would play dvds? phoned customer services...(joke)& wos told they knew about this problem & told me i needed a new motherboard!!! mine wos a tg31-m1 off it went 4 repair.came bk with a gigabyte g41m -es2l.
problem solved i thought(mistake no#2)monitor started 2 act up...on my 3rd 1 now.then the driver display went in2 fits.they sent me disks 2 my hard drive has a fault.waiting 4 engineer 2 visit 2 fix.refund? no chance.just repairs.ive lost all faith in this heap & would gladly swap it 4 a healthy dose of swine flu!! so if any1 is thinkin about buyin 1 DONT.Get a friend 2 slap u up the chops with a wet fish instead.

  dagnammit 23:56 12 Aug 2009

okay. :|

  t.bonez 00:11 13 Aug 2009

has anybody eles ad problems with zoostorm? let me no

  ened 07:23 13 Aug 2009

I don't think you are allowed to tell people not to use companies in this forum: no matter how upset you are!

  t.bonez 08:49 13 Aug 2009

ur prob rite! ok.we have no rites as consumers or any other rites cum 2 think of it.its shut up n put up in this country isn't it! ID ADVISE AGAINST IT. OOPS.

  t.bonez 09:09 13 Aug 2009

can any computer wizard tell me if the original motherboard that came with my 'computer' TG31-M1 series actually supported blueray in the first place?? why sell me the computer if zoostorm knew this problem existed..when i phoned they told me they knew of the fault,so why wasnt the upgraded gigabyte already installed??thats why im mad. I bought the computer 2 do amongst other things play bluerays,if the computer didnt do this because of out of date parts havent i got rights?

  Armchair 09:57 13 Aug 2009

I DEFINITELY won't buy a Zoostorm product after reading this.

Do'nt buy an Intempo DAB radio, either. Mine stopped working with batteries (mains only now) after not too long, so I've reverted back to using my 1986 SONY FM radio again.

  Stuartli 10:13 13 Aug 2009

From what you say, the company is attempting to solve your problems.

Ranting and raving rarely helps, being more likely to harm rather than help your cause.

If you are still not satisfied and bought the system using a credit card, then get in touch with the CC company as soon as possible.

  t.bonez 10:26 13 Aug 2009

i no wot ur saying stuart bout ranting & raving, but the company aren't attempting 2 solve MY problems, they are simply trying to rectify the fact that THEY used out of date shody parts that wernt compatable in the first place. only the mouse,keyboard & outer caseing of the p.c are original! but thanks 4 takin the time 2 read & leaving a comment

  Forum Editor 17:39 13 Aug 2009

that says you should not publish posts telling other forum members not to buy from a particular company.

The reason is that almost always such posts are based on a single bad personal experience, and may not reflect the true situation as far as the company involved is concerned. You may be deeply dissatisfied with your own experience with the company or its products, but ten times as many people may be perfectly happy - they just don't post about it in a web forum.

By all means express your dissatisfaction, but leave it at that; don't make sweeping allegations about shoddy parts, etc., because you have no concrete evidence with which to back up such statements.

Individuals must make their own judgements about suppliers, and anyone who decides to avoid a company because of a single thread in a web forum is being less than sensible.

  Armchair 17:50 13 Aug 2009

and it turned out to be a complete lemon. Even though it was over a decade ago, I'll never purchase another car of that make. One bad experience is enough for me. Plenty of others to choose from. Same goes for the PC market.

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