Kave 15:36 08 Aug 2005

Is it possible to fit a bluetooth dongle to a pc that is internet connected and then connect another dongle to a pc that isnt connected and connect to the internet via the pc that is.

  Aspman 16:22 08 Aug 2005

It's probably possible but not very easy unless you get get the machines to recognise the bluetooth dongles as network devices.

  Kave 16:31 08 Aug 2005

Not sure whether to try it or not then, just hoping to find an economical way of the connecting the 2 pc's

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 19:54 08 Aug 2005

Also posted in network click here

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  Tim1964 23:40 09 Aug 2005

Kave, do you have the bluetooth dongles already? If not, then a couple of USB wireless network 'dongles' will do what you want. They're about £15 each.

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