Donated your old PC to Charity?

  GaT7 18:21 26 Jul 2005

In the past, some have asked advice on the Forum about donating their old PCs to charity.

Well, here's a recent story about one such organisation based in London, Computer Aid International (website: click here), who have just shipped their 50,000th recycled PC to developing countries.

An extract: "Computer Aid International, the world's largest non-profit supplier of professionally refurbished PCs for schools in developing countries, announced today that it has reached a landmark milestone by refurbishing and shipping its 50,000th PC." For the full article click here.

If you have an old PC(s) hanging around gathering dust (or thinking about passing it on to another who may not appreciate it/'misuse' it/etc), please do consider giving it away to charity (*see NOTE below). If you can, please also enquire with/suggest to your employer to do the same.

Perhaps some can post links to more such charities (I think there are a fair number out there), & the charities to which they've donated PCs (& related IT paraphernalia). Would be nice if you could also share your personal experiences about donating PCs to charity & related issues as applicable.

*NOTE: Please do remember to securely wipe all sensitive data off of hard disk(s) before donating/giving away to anyone (one article about this click here). Alternatively, retain the hard disk - buy & install a secondhand one (from Ebay, maybe?) if you must insist on giving away a 'complete' system. G

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  Mr Mistoffelees 18:25 26 Jul 2005

A far better thing to do with an old pc than sending it to the local landfill.

  Forum Editor 18:42 26 Jul 2005

than sending a surplus computer to a school in a developing country. The key to social and economic development for any country is education; computer-literacy is an invaluable (some might say essential) part of a modern education, and the more we can do to help everyone gain access to computers during childhood the better.

  ade.h 20:41 26 Jul 2005

A recent news article in another PC magazine noted that these charities also need financial donations to help them to distribute the PC equipment. Without hard cash, they would grind to a halt with store rooms full of old PCs.

If anyone is thinking of donating any PC equipment, please try to make a small monetary donation as well if you can.

  GaT7 18:33 29 Jul 2005

ade.h, good point (it never occurred to me).

I've lived & worked most of my life in a developing country & I can tell you the people/youngsters there make much better use of what [little] they have than most of us living in developed countries - I suppose in a way they have to. G

  PurplePenny 23:52 29 Jul 2005

In Oxfordshire they make it really easy to recycle IT equipment. You just take it to your local dump (sorry, Household Waste Facility) and put it in the special cabin.

I'm glad to say that my workplace also sends all its old PCs to a charity for re-use.

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