Domestic Oil Prices

  Ex plorer 14:57 16 Dec 2010

Hi Domestic Oil Prices for central heating are out of control.

I can afford 500 Ltrs which is the usual minimum.

This morning I tried two companies.

One that I had my last two fills from say I have to order 800 liters min order 69p a Ltrs

Another company I use, took an order for the 500 Ltrs but cant deliver until the second third week in January.

I will have to pay the going rate at that time.

Charge for deliveries going out today is 65p per liter.

  spuds 15:48 16 Dec 2010

A number of people who had supplies in November managed to beat the increase. The price as gone up since then, and it appears to have further increases in the New Year, since OPEC had their last weeks meeting.

The way things are going, we will be returning to the days of chopping trees down or burning the furniture :O)

  961 16:07 16 Dec 2010

Here in the Borders our local guy has 6 lorries for delivering domestic fuel oil

2 are frozen solid and cannot be used, 4 are working, although the roads (apart from the trunk roads) are extremely icy. Driving a tanker full of fuel is not easy and you get no thanks if you decide to try to go down a side road and get stuck in the ditch

He also supplies schools and the local fishing fleet

He generally orders 4 large tankers of fuel oil from the Grangemouth refinery each day

Since the end of November he has been getting 1 tanker each day

He has 800 orders outstanding for domestic heating oil

I got 1000 litres on 4th Dec at 52p

Prices are rising. But being in a house with no heating is no fun

Trying to deliver is no fun either

  bremner 16:53 16 Dec 2010

Track the price of domestic oil click here

  Diemmess 10:40 17 Dec 2010

...... who still use gravity feed anthracite grains for all household needs C.H. and hot water?

Received a delivery last Monday of half tonne pre-packed at the new winter price £290/tonne (An increase of £10 over last summer)

I know it is messy and I do have to manhandle 25Kg bags, but the system suits us fine.
It is old tech, but for the present I can only sympathise with those who appear to be held to ransom over their oil bills.

  Ex plorer 15:57 17 Dec 2010

one other option is to sit round my gas cooker to keep warm.
I blocked my 2 fire places up and fit electric fires in there place (not such a good idea ) but the jackdaws appreciate it.

Thanks for the link.

You are right about companies problems for delivery due to the bad conditions and that this a very demanding time for oil and that there are backlogs.
One company I wont go back to is the one that said min order 800Ltrs they have no thought for people with a small tank of 1000Ltr you cannot wait till you have only 200Ltrs before ordering.

Waite till summer the oil companies will be ringing us all for custom so they can keep there business going.

I can last out till mid February with my oil on a 18 hour daily use.
Its a very old house and soon losses its heat.

I have had solid fuel in the past for for CH HW I did try night store but it wasn't for me.
Gotaa admit I miss the fire but not the mess.

I had four kids back then who I sent out to get the coal and logs I had a rota for them until the older lad paid the younger with sweets to do his turn.
When it rained the young ones had the upper hand and charged him money still makes me :o)

  dms_05 17:08 17 Dec 2010

I saw a TV interview with an Oil Distributor in West Yorkshire. He has plenty of fuel in stock but is faced with panic buying, where people with stock that will see then though the next 3 months are buying to beat price increases. So the customer with low stock and small storage is faced with a double squeeze. The Distributor is taking orders on a first come first served basis but has now people who won't get deliveries until mid/late January.

All of which reminds me of when I used oil and was grateful for the previous owners decision to install a 2,000 litre storage tank. This last a full year and buying every July meant I generally had the best prices as well.

Last time I bought in 1993 the price was about 9p/litre but delivery was on top of this so I paid 16p/litre in my tank.

  proudfoot 18:11 18 Dec 2010

I watch the price of oil on Bremner's link to keep a check on price trends.
I filled my 1000litre tank with 800 litres towards the end of August when I could see the trend was going upwards, having kept a watch during the summer.

  Ex plorer 14:10 19 Dec 2010

In my area Plastic Bunded oil tanks have to be installed that means they are a double tank.
If the inner tank leaks it will then flow into outer tank and not onto the ground plus you dont loose the oil.

A 2000Ltr is around £800 £900 locally plus installing.

Metal tanks cannot be installed now that's in my locality anyway.

Single skinned plastic tanks can be installed in other areas.

Personally I don't like Plastic tanks and I would fit a metal one over plastic any day bunded or not.

One oil company I heard about last night will give priority to business people first but refused a large B&B who keep busy most of the year.

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