Domain/Website Trace!

  perpetual motion 21:37 12 Apr 2009

Hi all ive been ripped off with a 8 gig Micro card & a couple of other things from a rather dodgy website, i paid £26 for the card & a couple of other little things but i have a problem the card is foobarred & no data can be transfered, its been tested on mulitple pc's & ive done some research on this guy & he's been slated for terrible products that dont work & terrible after sales service also the website offers NO contactable details only a "Form to fill in" so i am after a website where i can track his website to the location in the uk, im not going to jump in my car & go there but i want to know if there is another way of contacting him, ive emailed him & emailed him & got not even a reply to say he cant help.? does anyone know of any website i can trace his location please.?

  curofone 22:08 12 Apr 2009

surely a trace on the website will only tell you where the website is hosted from not where they are actually based, chances are the website will not even be hosted in the uk.

  silverous 22:11 12 Apr 2009

If you paid on a credit card you can dispute it with the card company.

In terms of tracing the website, take a look at the free tools at dnsstuff:

click here

WHOIS/IPWHOIS might be a good starting point.

  perpetual motion 22:13 12 Apr 2009

curofone im no so sure, i was on a website a few weeks ago that offered quite a lot of detail about a website's info i was looking at then, although they dont offer any contactable details i more want to know if they are based in the UK before i finish a grilling of a review in another open browser, cause as we are starting too see websites that look or built too look english BUT are american etc.

  perpetual motion 22:14 12 Apr 2009

silverous thanks thatsgood of you! & yeah i paid via paypal..

  perpetual motion 23:03 12 Apr 2009

is there any website that i can make a decent review on.? ive just typed for 20 mins & the website wont let me login.??
remember its s website im reviewing not a electrical item..

  wiz-king 08:40 13 Apr 2009

Any GB site must give a contact address or company registration number that you can lookup.
If you have been silly enough not to do basic checks before you bought things then prehaps you should remember the Latin 'caveat emptor'. You can get some details from RIPE click here

  OTT_Buzzard 11:05 14 Apr 2009

....then that's ok, but for everyone else's benefit, could you tell us what website you had the problems with?

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