Does Toucan ever give up?

  josie mayhem 23:51 04 Jun 2006

They just can't seem to understand what NO means!

They have been a complete nightmare...

Countless phone calls and they just wont listen, me being the account holder for the line had already told a chap called Dave that if they interfered with anything to do with my line, I would be making a complaint to oftel and tranding standards... and the only phone bills I would be paying was ones arranged or sent to me by BT ect, ect

But they phoned back saturday, and when hubby put the phone down after giving up trying to get through to a sarah jones, and was very impolite to her, she had the nerve to phone back within minutes... He fould a mouthed goodbye get stuffed only produced in a phone call from her manager with the same spill... you will be saving xxx amount of money and you will recieve a confiramtion letter in a couple of days.

Well hubby's reaction to this, all I can say I thought he had lost the plot!!!! But hopefully his threats of taking legal action against them as they were haressing us ect, ect might have done some good we haven't heard from them since, but there again it's Sunday prehaps they don't work on sundays.

But just in case I have contacted BT, who's not only put the blocker on our line for witheld numbers, but also put a blocker against our account being altered without my permission first I need to make a phone call to counsel this blocker...

  keewaa 07:18 05 Jun 2006

Ask them to hold on, then set the phone down beside the radio playing crappy help desk music, and every so often (every 20 minutes) , pick up the phone, and in a slightly different voice say "Thank you for holding, you call is important to us."

  keewaa 07:19 05 Jun 2006

<<<<< but also put a blocker against our account being altered without my permission >>>>>

I think that was a way of telling you that nothing can be done on any account without the account holders permission.

  josie mayhem 19:45 05 Jun 2006

Nope any permission needs to come directly form me and not via a 3rd party saying I have given them permission for alteration..

still haven't heard from them, but there again I've only just got home for work... I hope they don't do a evening/nightshift.

But there again when the withheld number thingy kicks in within the next 28 days I shalt have to worry about any cold callers hopefully...

  Stuartli 15:31 06 Jun 2006

Not a pleasant tale to have to relate.

In the meantime, remember that Toucan is only a VISP (Virtual ISP); in fact it uses Tiscali's broadband and phone services and, what's more, charges less than Tiscali..:-)

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