Does sky box become freesat when cancelled?

  v1asco 05:42 20 Aug 2010

Following on from Provider 2 thread on Sky + I am also fed up with price hikes. I also get annoyed with the save £5 with sky talk 'blackmail'.

We are fully digital in Wales, can you please tell me if the box then acts as a freesat, or will I get more channels than freeview?

I am not interested in recording, I have a hard drive for that.



  961 08:29 20 Aug 2010

A sky box does become a freesat box if you cancel the subscription

These are the channels you will continue to receive free of charge, many more than freeview

click here

Two or three of these channels still require the sky card which should therefore remain in the box. Channels 5 and fiver among them

The rest will operate without the sky card

  wids001 08:29 20 Aug 2010

By and large I think it is around the same number but there are differences with channels you can recieve. Freeview has Virgin 1 - Sky Freesat does not. Sky Freesat has a rap music channel - Free view does not.

  v1asco 09:25 20 Aug 2010

yes, it there are more channels.
Looks lke a bit of a re-think here. At the moment I am paying over £45 for b/band (end of exchange), Sky TV and BT line.

If I dump the lot and switch to orange Broadband and telephone line I pay £17 pm and get a 'free' freesat box.

The b/band speed is abysmal, 1mb/s as we are as far from the exchange as possible and Virgin, though wired up in some parts of our Apartment complex, don't want to know my block, despite emails, writing, phoning etc (post code checker unreliable for my code as there is still confusion over the address, though bills seem to arrive fine).

Two more questions if you don't mind

1) Can anyone please confirm the HD works via the sky discontinued box.
2) Is there anyway I can test the box before cancelling my contract (maybe as simple as disconnecting phone line)?

Thanks for your replies so far, and yes I know, should have really put this in the help forum, sorry folks.

  961 09:41 20 Aug 2010

1 Yes so far as BBC and C4 are concerned. ITV HD will work at present but is reported to be going to require payment. It does not work with a scottish postcode (depends on the post code on the sky card) I'm not sure what the position is in Wales)

2 Unless you have sky multiroom or are within your first 12 months of sky you don't need your phone line connected except to order movies etc. In any event it has no effect on the operation of the box

You can see how the box will work as a freesat box simply by taking the sky card out

  961 09:43 20 Aug 2010

I see from the freesat page that ITV HD is available in Wales

  v1asco 09:54 20 Aug 2010

Thanks very much. Taken card out but no changes to the channels (except of course for sky prompt on non free view). Do I have to re-tune anything as the freesat channels are not there? If so how?


Bugle (who used to be a techno geek but now can only just manage the kettle)

  961 10:08 20 Aug 2010

No need to do any fiddling it will work by itself once sky turn the sky card off when your subs cancelled

On the first occasion you go freesat you may need to turn off the box and disconnect it from the power supply for a few seconds so that it will do a re-boot when turned on again

Some Freesat channels are actually behind the paywall when you have a sky subscription but are free when you use the box as freesat

  v1asco 11:02 20 Aug 2010

Thank you very much.

I will discuss this with the boss, see what she thinks (and if I can survive without sky one, which is all I watch)


  JITC1 15:53 20 Aug 2010

in case you forget, the box will lose all sky+ functions when it is used as a freesat box.

  anchor 16:44 20 Aug 2010

ITV1-HD and BBC-HD is already available on Freeview, (via your aerial), in many parts of the country. BBC-HD is on channel 50 and ITV1-HD on channel 51.

Check if they are available on Freeview in your area. Naturally, you would need a suitable HD TV.

It seems that ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 are to be shown in HD to those who subscribe to Sky+HD.

I have not heard anything about payment for ITV1-HD on Freeview.

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