Does Mesh onsite warranty exist ? <angry>

  breakout_f 17:37 05 Oct 2006

My PC has a problem as when I switch on the monitor and machine, there appears to be a blank screen. I can hear the fan and the machine running but the monitor is dark and says D-SUB in the middle of screen. So to make sure there was nothing wrong with the monitor I went downstairs and picked up another different monitor and attached it to my problematic Mesh PC. The monitor had the same problem and the screen displayed ‘NO SIGNAL’ in the middle of the screen. So straight away I knew that the problem lies in the machine.

From what I have gathered it seems related to the VGA Adapter that is placed in the motherboard that is faulty. I have spoken to my contacts regarding my problem and they have said the same thing. They all work for Sony, IBM and Dell and are computer engineers. Of course I can ask them to come over and fix my machine but that’s not the point. The point is, I have an on-site hardware warranty of 3 years and I expect it to be honoured. I will not ask my contacts to come over as the warranty will not be valid then.

This will be the first time a Mesh engineer will visit my home as it’s been just over 2 years now since I have had my Mesh PC. I have never wasted their time and when I have problems they seem to have an easy answer by saying: “I’m afraid the pc will still need to come back to base to have fault diagnose. Our onsite engineers do not come out to inspect the machine”.

I feel that they just want to make a quick £60-£85 fee from me if I send back my pc. Unfortunately I do not trust back to back service and this is the reason why I made sure I had a 3 year onsite warranty. I was told when I bought my PC for £2,800 in 2004 that if I ever had problems an onsite engineer will arrive at my home and inspect and fix any problems I have. I think this was just a selling tactic. I have phoned them up recently regarding buying another mesh pc and even to this day the Mesh’s staff have said that with an onsite warranty the engineer will visit my home to inspect problems with pc and fix faults. I think this is just a selling tactic they adopt so beware everyone. I don’t think I will buy another mesh pc again as they need to get back to the real world.

  breakout_f 17:37 05 Oct 2006

Mesh need to go back to the drawing board and sort out their support helpdesk team. I remember couple months back when I had a problem with my PC regarding document folders leaving an underlying area when moving it from one side to another. Mesh replied back by saying “please confirm your address and daytime telephone number so we can arrange for the system to be returned to our repair centre to be tested”. I mean is this the only response the support team give. They just want to make their £60-£85 fee. It’s what we call after sales technique. Before this I had a simple problem regarding updating drivers and Mesh asked me to dial the 09 number so that I can get charged £1 a minute for the mesh customer support person to tell me over the phone to go to another third party website and download the drivers from there. Of course I am not that stupid and I replied back via email and asked them to send me a step by step solution to my problem in which they replied back with a web link regarding driver download.

They really need to sort this out and I am still expecting for an onsite engineer to visit my home. How can someone trust back to base service when in the mesh manuals it says, I quote:

“Our engineers will do whatever they believe necessary to correct a fault on your system – including re-formatting the hard drive and re-loading software from scratch – without calling you first”

Notice the sentence "without calling you first" !!!! Oh bravo Mesh, why not replace my whole hardware with a second-hand kit WITHOUT CALLING ME FIRST. I prefer seeing things in front of my own eyes. My friends have had problems with mesh so I do not wish to go through this avenue of back to base.

I make regular backup file copies every 3 months but the pc caught me by surprise and I didn’t make any recent backup files as I cannot get into my drive since the VGA adaptor has problems and so the monitor will remain blank.

Anyway, I will be waiting for an onsite engineer to visit my home and will see what Mesh have to say. They need to honour my warranty. I have spent thousands on this pc and I expect my hardware warranty of 3 years to be honoured.

I am giving mesh another chance as my friend who works for a tabloid newspaper has advised me to publish this complaint in the newspapers but I have always maintained that I will give mesh another few weeks until something is done.

I have been fuming with mesh support team for the past year and I will never buy a mesh pc again until they sort out their helpdesk support team.

We will see what happens.

Honour my 3 years hardware warranty MESH.


I sincerely hope that they understand.

  def90csw 18:18 05 Oct 2006

Yet again we hear of a disgruntled Mesh customer complaining about customer service & the level of service that they get. A 3 year On-Site warranty should be just that, On-Site!

  hotel99 18:23 05 Oct 2006

Sorry, but Mesh sell you an upgrade, the upgrade is a 3 year on site warranty. Why dont they honour it, because it's CHEAPER for them to get your to RTB it to them. The level of service from mesh is the same post after post we see here, very poor. But do mesh care??

  lisa02 18:33 05 Oct 2006

I can't really see the issue here, except you having a rant...

"I have never wasted their time and when I have problems they seem to have an easy answer..."

If you have faults and do nothing about it (not contact the seller looking for a remedy) then you have accepted the faults!

I have read hundreds of Mesh horror stories and this ain't one of them. Contact them properly and ask them to fix whatever problem you have now. Do it without the bull of tabloid press and knowing engineers from all the big computer companies.

  def90csw 18:55 05 Oct 2006

I think people do and the problem is mesh dont respond. They do here however as they want to be seen to care, they just dont when you phone up!

  Input Overload 11:25 06 Oct 2006

You don't wheel the big guns out until all negotiation fails, you seem to be going in all guns blazing. Most of the time a respectful assertive manner works. Actually it's always worked for me. I agree with lisa02 totally.

  breakout_f 12:30 06 Oct 2006

I will wait for their reply. I am not panicking. I have been trying to ring them but no one is picking phone up.

Oh lisa, this aint bull. Your talking as if you know me?

Lets wait and see what happens.

  garrema 12:57 06 Oct 2006

Hear your frustrations.
Have you opened the case to see if the VGA is seated correctly. Give it a press to see. 2004 system - you may have a lot of dust in there which may have caused the card to overheat & its cooked.
5 mins of a task.

  MESH Response 13:05 06 Oct 2006

breakout_f & hotel99

Davey is away currently, but if you could email me at [email protected] making reference to your postings, I will see what is being done to resolve your respective issues and how I may assist in pushing for a speedy conclusion



  garrema 13:11 06 Oct 2006

No help to Hotel 99 but for others;
If you buy something from a distance e.g. a PC you have good rights. Providing is not a special, if it doesn't work out the box - reject it within 7 days - you don't even have to advise a reason. Fax or Letter (recorded) & repack it for collection. Your money is with you in 30 days or sooner if you buy on CC.
Best of luck H99

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