Does Henry Ford own Samsung, Panasonic and Sony?

  john bunyan 18:03 30 Sep 2008

I wanted a very good 32in TV and matching DVD Recorder and short listed the Panasonic TX 32 LZD 85 and DMR EX 78. Took my wife to see them and she hated the glossy black frames of Samsung, Panasonic and Sony - as Henry ford said "You can have any colour you like, as long as it's black". Very distracting if a light is on in the viewing room. In the end bought Pioneer KRL-32V and DVR 560 HX, at least the TV was matt black but very expensive! Why can't the suppliers sell skins like mobile phones?

  canarieslover 18:30 30 Sep 2008

Now you have done all of the others out of the chance of a sale for next year. You've already bought the style statement. the following year it will be champagne gold, it's about time for that to make a comeback. Seriously though it's all about what they perceive that the market wants at the time. Henry Ford was in a slightly different position as at the time there was very little competition for him so no market research was needed.

  GRIDD 19:48 30 Sep 2008

I hate glossy black. It's a dust magnet and gets scratched easily but I had to accept that's how they come. My TV has a glossy black (although thin & not distracting) frame and the PS3 is glossy black too.

You need gloves just to touch these things.

  DANZIG 08:57 01 Oct 2008

When I bought my digital camera a couple of years ago it came in three colours - Pink, Blue and Black.

I really wanted the black one until the guy in the shop (Jessops by the way) said, "Yeah it looks great doesn't it....until you touch it that is!"

I bought the blue one.

Seeing as this is Consumerwatch, I can't recommend Jessops enough. Apparently the staff don't get commission and it shows. Their selling style isn't pushy at all and from what I've seen their product knowledge is excellent...a couple of things PCW could do with thinking about maybe??

  version8 11:53 01 Oct 2008

I went to buy a Laptop the other day & got offered one at 30% discount.
The reason it was day-glo pink!

  wiz-king 12:42 01 Oct 2008

polished stainless steel!

The thought of a polished steel fridge, freezer or oven + a toddler in the same kitchen gives me nightmares!

  john bunyan 13:02 01 Oct 2008

I agree re kitchen ss stuff. Almost anything one buys shonld take account of practical realities - unless you have a premier league footballers salary and can afford people to do the maintenance.
Thanks for other comments - I will tick the resolved box.

  jack 13:59 01 Oct 2008

M&S technology department.
I have also seen in Currys small size with Wooden Bezels- but the finish look a bit 'orange box'
Also Joh Lewis do some large screen by Philips/Samsung/and Panasonic in White and a deep metallic red.

  john bunyan 17:09 01 Oct 2008

jack. Yes but not the 32 inch in 1080p with 100Hz.I preferred the matt grey/black.
Anyway it is solved now - I just thought there was little choice and wondered why mobile phone type clip on skins could not be made.

  Stuartli 19:38 01 Oct 2008

Neff kitchen appliances in stainless steel are marks resistant.

  john bunyan 21:13 01 Oct 2008

Stuartli. Yes, I like their Gemini gas plus electric hob combi- am thinking of getting one (have old Neff gas/electric hob) and dishwasher.

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