Does buying more RAM make a cheap laptop worth it?

  MoRog 14:28 24 Sep 2007

Hi, looking to get a laptop for standard emailing / music / photos etc. The one that's caught my eye is a Toshiba Satellite T2080:

click here

would prob be looking to add an extra G of RAM though.

What I'm a bit confused about is there are cheaper laptops out there - if you buy a couple of Gs extra Ram then does this make it perform the same as the more expensive laptops?

Just a bit confused as to what criteria I should be using to refine my search....

Thanks!! Mo

  techie4me 15:35 24 Sep 2007

When i bought my Toshiba from Toshiba in January the only thing it lacked was RAM.
Toshiba wanted £100 to add 512MB, instead i bought the Laptop and bought 512MB from Crucial for £40.
It took all of 30seconds to install it.

  Micheal Knight 09:34 25 Sep 2007

Yes buying more RAM would make your laptop perform much better, Especially if you have Windows Vista on there. I just bought a Toshiba L30-11D Laptop from Ebuyer. It came standard with 512MB RAM, so I spent an extra £25 on a 1GB module. Everything totalled upto ££325 including delivery (which arrived quicker than expected). When the laptop came, with the 512MB it was a bit sluggish. As soon as I stuck the extra 1GB in, the difference could be seen straight away. Definately worth every penny.

Hope that helps.

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