Does anyone familiar with PhotoFast SSD?

  miltontsai 07:50 27 Apr 2009

well.. my friend keeps telling me how nice his new PhotoFast G-Monster SSD V3 is on his Laptop.
does anyone familiar with this company? because i don't really wanna spend money on uncertain things.
but it's really as good as my friend told me, i might give it a chance and get 128G to speed up my Laptop.

what do you guys think?

  anchor 08:17 27 Apr 2009

It seems that it is very very new, so no reports yet on the web.

click here

The cost is mind blowing; about $489 for the 32Gb version. The 128Gb you spoke of, is not being released until later this year.

You might have to re-mortgage your home to get one.

  interzone55 13:36 27 Apr 2009

Solid State Drives are very fast, but obscenely expensive at the moment.

The speed increase is really only evident when processing large numbers of input output operations, this is why some servers are now coming with SSDs.

If you want to see how fast these drives can be under certain circumstances watch this video

click here

  Kemistri 15:16 27 Apr 2009

Some solid state drives are very fast. Many are not and some even compare poorly to the best SATA 300 hard disks. There is a Samsung 256GB drive for about £500 ex VAT that looks quick (about 50% better than conventional HDDs) and about £2 per GB is not bad value by comparison. I have seen one or two that were over £10 per GB, which is crazy.

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