does any order tracker ever work

  josie mayhem 12:55 20 May 2006

I never seem to be able to get any information from any order tacker what ever company it is based with!

At the moment i'm waiting for my broadband connection, i've had all the comfirmation details via e-mail from bt, but when I try to use the tracker on there web site, it shows that it can't find any details of my order it gives several reasons, wrong telephone no. but this is o.k, then it suggest that I placed my order less than 3 hours ago so it's not on the system yet, but I placed my order last thursday!

So I'm not sure weather to start getting worried and phone the help number given. Or hope that because i've recieved the e-mails that everything will be fine and next thursday I'll be up and running! happy again as using dail-up is driving me battey...

  961 14:50 20 May 2006

Knowing the way BT works it's likely that if you've had the e-mails all will be well

As with all order trackers they depend entirely on someone inputting the right info. Could be arranged anywhere from Bombay to Shanghai I suppose. Since they won't be flying over to do the work at the exchange I shouldn't worry about it too much

  josie mayhem 21:56 20 May 2006

As such I'm not worried as you said I have the e-mails, so hopefuly Thursday night I shall be zooming along...

I just wonder weather the tracking systems that companies put on there web sites actualy work! Everytime I've had one of these available to me I never seem to get them to work, the only time I can remember one working was E-buyer followed it for several days waiting for my order to be picked from the warehouse, and then the order was canceled by them with on real explination! Otherwise they have never worked but I have recieved goods on time...

Prehaps I should take that has a good sign!

  bosmere 09:06 21 May 2006

josie mayhem I do a lot of internet ordering and have never had a problem when a tracking system has been available.

My latest order, received Friday, was from and the tracking was excellent right down to the courier.

  Newuser2 10:52 21 May 2006

Never had any problems except when the delivery is by Parcel Force, then I've found I'm in the lap of the gods.

  spuds 12:41 21 May 2006

Agree with Newuser2 about Parcel Force tracking, the same goe's for Royal Mail. Updating seems to be a bit hit and miss. I usually get the goods fairly quick via them, but tracking can get very dire. I find one of the better companies to be DHL Worldwide. Usually door to door, with all stops en-route. Driver delivers, and within 5 minutes, its showing on their system.CityLink seem fairly good, but they can have problems at times.

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