Does adding a graphics card negate warranty ?

  setecio 08:15 03 May 2008

If I buy a PC from Dell and add a x1950pro graphics card, does this negate my warranty. If Dell says it does, can they legally stand on that ?

  wee eddie 08:27 03 May 2008

The first thing to do is to ask them and tell them what you intend to do. Several companies have said yes to such a request while qualifying the Warranty Cover for the future.

In other words:- They will no longer cover any parts of the machine that might have been affected by the work that you have done on it.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:25 03 May 2008

I know Novatech warranties are not invalidated by adding additional componants.

  setecio 09:58 03 May 2008

mmm ... it would be easy for them to argue that opening the case exposed all of the inside to 'potential breakage'. If I carefully install a graphics card then nothing else if affected bar the slot and the card.

So it comes back to what they used to do which was opening the case alone negates the warranty. ( Guilty until proved innocent )

>>> if you change the spark plugs yourself on a new car, does that negate your warranty !

  GaT7 10:44 03 May 2008

It's something people do all the time - with great success most of the time I'm sure. E.g. look in the Dell Upgrade Hardware Forums click here.

wee eddie's last statement is correct however. As you said, do it carefully & you should be just fine. Don't forget to supply power from PSU to the graphics if needed - something that's easily forgotten! (If you haven't installed/swapped a PC graphics card before, then there are a few precautions you may not know about, so please ask if in doubt.)

May I ask what you're going to be using the PC for, your budget, which Dell you were thinking of (link would be helpful) & why the X1950Pro in particular? I could help getting the best PC for your money.

"if you change the spark plugs yourself on a new car, does that negate your warranty!" - can't really be compared I'm afraid. For a start, a computer is so much more delicate than a car, & a graphics card a much bigger change than a spark plug.

"I know Novatech warranties are not invalidated by adding additional componants." - many companies these days adopt the same stance, but I'm sure it's not the case if something goes wrong. G

  wee eddie 11:01 03 May 2008

Spark Plugs ~ Maybe not but

If you put in a replacement gearbox from another manufacturer, it certainly would.

  setecio 19:33 03 May 2008

Looking at a cheap Dell with no graphics card and the x1950pro comes out ideal on the Dell gaming forums, bearing in mind the low PSU's that often come with Dells. Don't want to pay them £100 for a card that is half as good as the x1950pro.

  al7478 01:02 04 May 2008

Your last sentence raises an interesting point (with all due credit to others in the thread who have said basically the same). My dell warranty seems to say that i can change bits, but if theres a problem the warranty is valid.

Howver, i forget whether they say its invalid if the problem can be directly linked to the upgrade, or invalid regardless, just because the upgrade has taken place.

It seems fair that they should have to prove the upgrade caused the problem, but how...? And what if a problem occurs some time after the upgrade...?

By the by, before i read the contract i rang them. they said upgrading it myself would not affect the warranty. A much less nuanced answer.

  Stuartli 21:58 04 May 2008

Any company that wouldn't allow me to upgrade a system I had bought from them over the course of time wouldn't get my business in the first place...:-)

I understand pefectly the reason why such a measure may be imposed, but it would be my property to do what I wished with it.

  FatboySlim71 08:14 06 May 2008

I have found in my experience that different PC suppliers have different policies regarding opening the case whilst under warranty, some will void the warranty and some will allow you to open providing that the upgrade doesn't cause damage and as such try then to get the PC repaired.

I was considering a Dell, but I couldn't get a definite answer, I asked on the Dell forum and was told that I could open the case to do upgrades without voiding the warranty, but when I was on the verge of ordering one I was told that if I opened the case I would void the warranty, so I decided to go elsewhere (Cougar Extreme), I enquired with Cougar and was told that I would not void the warranty if I opened the case.

Good luck with getting a clear answer off of Dell!

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