Dodgy pixels on TFT monitors

  endy 09:27 01 May 2003

Just got a LG TFT monitor, it has one bright red pixel and it is driving me mad. Evesham wil not replace and LG say it is 'within spec'. Why does nobody tell you about the pixel out, wrong, problem?

  Djohn 10:13 01 May 2003

I'm sorry to hear about this, and yes it can be very annoying, but having said that, it is a very well published fact in most PC magazines and certainly in this forum.

Also when looking at websites that offer TFT monitors they also will advise you to read the disclaimer regarding dead pixels.

Although manufactures have a set guideline as to what is acceptable in the amount or position of the dead pixel/pixels, I think it also depends on the position on screen. If it is off to one side, or near a corner, then you are less likely to receive a helpful response than you would if it is right in the centre of your display.

Depending on this, why not give Evesham another phone call explaining the problem, and if you have just spent a considerable amount of money with them, they may take another look at your case.

Again if you are finding the problem so annoying, that it is completely spoiling your use of the new system and it is right in your line of view, then you may find Evesham more inclined to listen to a sympathetic appeal, rather than a demand for replacement.

Evesham do have a presence in this forum, and with a little luck may see this thread and make a reply to you.

Good luck with getting this sorted out, and if it is as bad as you say, I'm sure that Evesham will try to put matters right. J.

  Kilobyte 21:18 03 May 2003
  Forum Editor 23:59 03 May 2003

you can coax a stuck pixel back to life. It's worth a try, but you do this at your own risk.

Take a cotton bud - the ones that are made for babies are best - and slightly moisten it with water. Now GENTLY massage the stuck pixel area in a circular motion.

This treatment has worked for me in the past, although there's no guarantee. Don't use anything other than a baby cotton bud and water,and don't rub hard, or you may abrade the surface of the screen.

It's true to say that one stuck (or dead) pixel is well within the tolerances adopted by the industry for TFT screens although the subject is a touchy one. The UK Personal Computer Association (PCA) is campaigning to get screen manufacturers to set an industry standard for TFT screens, so that consumers know what to expect. Screen prices are falling, and that has stimulated sales - leading to an increase in the number of complaints about failed pixels. The PCA wants the industry to adopt a "Proactive advisory policy" whereby prospective purchasers are warned about the possibility of non-functioning or stuck pixels prior to purchase, presumably by having a notice stuck onto display models in stores.

  SEASHANTY 14:32 04 May 2003

I also have just the one bright red pixel on my Belinea 15" TFT. It's been there since first purchase and I have learned to live with it. Positioned about 3 inches in from the top RH corner.
Like most things it becomes familiar with time and you will probably only notice this if the webpage has a darkened area around the pixel. Be thankful it is only one pixel. Believe the specs allow for up to ten dead ones.

  ams4127 21:12 04 May 2003

Oh Lord! My new Evesham is due very soon....and with an LG TFT as well!

  hoverman 09:06 05 May 2003

The advice from the FE is definitely worth trying. My brother-in-law had a dead pixel on his TFT and successfully cleared it using the method suggested.

  ams4127 23:10 06 May 2003

My new Evesham system has just turned up and is running perfectly.

I've checked my LG L1810B TFT until I am crosseyed and can't find a single dead pixel.

For once in my life I might just have hit lucky.

  Djohn 00:02 07 May 2003

well done, have fun with your new PC. :o)

  ams4127 22:54 08 May 2003


I've finally found a dead pixel. It's about as annoying as a speck of dust was on my last CRT so I'm not losing any sleep over it!

  Murray 23:44 08 May 2003

I guess your pixel is a dead one - stuck in the off position - hence you spent days trying to find it. one or two like this would be no problem, it is only when the pixel gets stuck in the ON position it stands out like (in endy and SEASHANTY's case) a sore thumb.

I may be getting too confident here but, are you not within your rights to demand a screen with no obvious defects, as in the "Sale of goods act" - If I bought a CRT with a fleck of red paint on the screen I should hope I would be able to get a new one.

But then again if you're warned about it the above para is useless.


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