Do you know where I can buy this computer online?

  pa744 17:46 05 Sep 2010

Hi. I look for not expensive desktop computer (main unit only) for home ( 500?) - but with decent power supply and motherboard (i want it to last many years), also i would like to have option of adding better graphics card and more ram to it (so i don't want computer i can't opent without losing warranty).

Problem is that no internet shops disclose power supply and motherboard types, and if they do they say "300W power supply" or "good motherboard". Also they don't want to let me open the case.

To be more specific about what am I looking for - I like this build from Dell:
* AMD Athlon II X4 630 (2.80GHz, 512kx4, 4C)
* Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
* 4096MB Dual Channel DDR3 1333MHz [2x2048] Memory
* 750GB (7200rpm) SATA Hard Drive
* 16X DVD+/- RW Optical Drive (DVD & CD read and write)
* Integrated ATI Radeon HD4200 Graphics .
* 19-in-1 Media Card reader
Althoug hard drive may be smaller, i have spare dvd-rw so i don't need it, also i have no use for card reader.

I want to buy similar computer in UK but with decent power supply, motherboard and ability to open the box without losing warranty.

Do you have any advice where to look? And if you know any forums more adequate for this question somewhere in the internet, also let me know.

  pa744 17:49 05 Sep 2010

( 500?) = i look for computer below 500 pounds

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:55 05 Sep 2010

Try Novatech click here they have decent reputation among this forum's members.

  pa744 20:13 05 Sep 2010

Novatech looks nice, but they have very limited selection of computers - between 379 and 539 pounds there are no offers. It seems, that they don't allow to customize their builds.

  Woolwell 20:28 05 Sep 2010

Have a look at Cougar Extreme click here. Then give them a call and discuss your requirements.

  ronalddonald 22:10 05 Sep 2010

pa77 your not very helpful apart from a load of BS, you don't direct where you can get hold of such a computer.

I would try Cougar computers as well as Novatech. You can by novatech computers without an operating system and load up Linux.

try also ebuyer dot com they sometimes have deals , you will just have to look around.

  MAT ALAN 22:34 05 Sep 2010


you will need to have a bit more consideration as to what you buy, and from where if you want it to stand the test of time...

if you like the Dell setup why not buy from them, having said that your idea of a Warranty aggreement that lets you replace hardware from the "get go" does not exist.. try the links from above you might find what you are looking for..

nearly forgot, IGNORE ronalddonalds drivel he has no idea what he's talking about...

  pa744 23:39 05 Sep 2010

I seriously considered buying from Dell until short chat about "300W power supply" and "good motherboard" with one of their employees. Their parts are dodgy and their computers aren't optimized for longevity or upgreadeability.

I must say Cougar Extreme looks very promising. When checking Cougar's reputation i also encountered, which has some decent stuff.

Finally I also checked this "bundles" in Novatech. Some of them are actually almost complete computers - you only need to add hard drive and dvd-rw. Maybe my sister will manage to install them and OS.

  spuds 12:26 06 Sep 2010

There's quite a number of on-line sellers, but they are limited to what they can and will offer as a custom build.

All the companies that have been mentioned, will accommodate you in some way, but remember if the seller is building to a 'not off the shelf' item, then the Distance Selling Regulations might not apply, and warranties might be a burden.

Dell use to be my regular favourite, but their customer sales and service went a bit strange on a deal, so we parted company.Perhaps they have since improved on their deals!.

  iscanut 13:46 06 Sep 2010

ronalddonald strikes again !!!!

  iscanut 13:48 06 Sep 2010

I have had a system from Cougar for nearly 3 years now. Has been excellent. Worth having a look at what they can offer. They will talk to you on the phone as well if you prefer to have a chat as to what you want.

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