Do TalkTalk throttle download speeds at weekends?

  theDarkness 11:47 30 Aug 2009

Im testing someones download connection on TalkTalk, and wondering if download speed is limited by TalkTalk at busy times such as weekends, eg around 15kb/s or less, as opposed to when they first got connected, when it was working at 10x that or alot more?

I will make sure they take it up with TalkTalk, since theres no point in paying for something you arent getting, or having huge variations in line download speed /quality in this manner? It seems to be connecting at 5Mbps at the moment, so I thought 15kb/s on websites for every download to be very slow, although no doubt websites can put limitations on how fast you download too. With every website with files to download, testing the system with files or speed related sites, seems to only be able to manage to download at 15kb per second or less.

Do they heavily limit download speed at busy times?

  theDarkness 12:33 30 Aug 2009

at click here with the 5Mbps connection,
its a faster upload speed than download,
0.13 mb/s download
0.23 mb/s upload

can anyone compare their own TalkTalk connection with this one, if also 5Mbps? thanks

  provider 2 12:46 30 Aug 2009

Not sure of how up-to-date this is click here but you might find it useful (key to jargon at the bottom).

  jack 12:55 30 Aug 2009

Where firms[TT] have LLU equipment in exchanges the various connections are shared among subscribers- the more on line the slower the switching .

The get the max for your connection - set the alarm for and get busy then.

  jack 12:56 30 Aug 2009

The switching speed is the same - just more of it.

  theDarkness 13:24 30 Aug 2009

I dont think speedtest net is very accurate (link above), so Ive now tested with the official talktalk page click here

and its 128kbps download, 186kbps upload. I think this is more realistic as its similar results for the Sky broadband test also click here

Still, its a new connection, hasnt really been used, so I dont think its related to any over usage. Since its for the old folks, I can try it overnight at least once, non weekend, although i dont think its a line problem as it worked fine the first day-speeds were around 200kbps when i set it up for them-i dont think theyll be using it much around the 3am mark, mind you! haha :)

I just want to make sure they pay for what they should realistically be getting, a huge drop in quality/speed should not be allowed by any standards, although i think theres 30 days to cancel if theyre not happy. their system wasnt updated for yrs, so needed many updates, very slowwwwlol :( thanks to provider2 for the comparison details at click here

  jack 14:39 30 Aug 2009

hasnt really been used, so I dont think its related to any over usage.
If you were referring to my comment re contention ratio, I have to make clear it is not the individual users usage in question.
It is simply the number of accounts on line through a given piece of kit at one time.
Quarts in pint pots and all that

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:10 30 Aug 2009

to test your BB speed.

I'm on TalkTalk LLU.

BB Max click here

Ping:- 74ms
Down:- 15221Kbps
Up:- 607Kbps click here

Ping:- 37ms
Down:- 8810Kbps
Up:- 560Kbps

TalkTalk members test click here

Ping:- na
Down:- 9995Kbps
Up:- 843Kbps

All three tests where done within a few minutes and are inconsistent, to say the least!

  Stuartli 15:12 30 Aug 2009

My TalkTalk connection ranges between 6.5Mb and 7.3Mb whatever the time of day (on a TT LLU equipped exchange).

I'm 580 yards from the exchange as the crow flies and much further as far as BT's phone line link is concerned.

I normally use the Maidenhead link for speed tests (I live in the North West) and results are very similar to TT's own speed test (the latter has just notched 7.1Mb in a quick check).

Is the TT BB service being queried a 2MB service or TT LLU?

  Stuartli 15:13 30 Aug 2009

I'm served by a very busy exchange but I've still to come across any instance of TT seemingly throttling back connection speeds.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:17 30 Aug 2009

whilst running the tests my partner was playing World of Warcraft on her laptop, which I was not aware of at the time.

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