DLP Projectors - Any Experience Out There?

  Granger 10:35 02 May 2003

I'm thinking of an NEC LT240 projector. It looks just right, though incredibly expensive. I'm just worried because I keep reading that some people see some sort of rainbow effect with DLP projectors.

The supplier I'm looking at says if I buy the thing I can't return it for a full refund. I thought I had a statutory right to return goods within 29 days but apparently not.

Can anyone give me any guidance?

  Pink_Panther2 12:58 02 May 2003

It's a good projector with a reasonable spec. Aim to pay £2454. Note that replacement bulbs are very expensive. Life expectancy 1600hrs, cost about £260+. What do you propose to use it for? DLP's are brilliant for projecting business presentations etc, but are very expensive to run if used for domestic TV viewing. Prolonged use will result in deterioration of bulb output, and replacement prices (for domestic use) are prohibitive. I buy lots of these for business purposes, but would not recommend them for home use, unless money is no object.
Hope this helps.

  Granger 13:33 02 May 2003

Thanks for the response. I'll mainly be using it for business presentations and training, though I might use it when we fancy a home cinema moment! I don't expect to rack up the hours very quickly, so I'm not too worried about the bulb costs. I'm more interested in its quality and features. ivojo.com has them for about £2150 ish.

I'm also interested in the wireless feature, which they don't explain well. Will it work with the Travelmate 803's WiFi adaptor?

  Pink_Panther2 15:13 02 May 2003

Hi Granger,
I don't know this projector that intimately, however if you are referring to remote control operation, I have expereince of other brands. I mainly buy Plus Corporation DLPs, and they work like this: You connect a cable from the DLP to the Laptop mouse port. The DLP is supplied with a IR remote control, (similar to a TV remote), and the DLP has (usually) 2 IR detectors, one at the front and the other at the rear. This means that you can control the laptop from the remote control, from anywhere in the room, thus allowing you present from the front of the room (perhaps from the side of the projector screen), whilst the DLP and laptop are at the back of the room.
An aside........Don't fall into the trap that many presenters fall into when "new" to using a remote. I've seen them point the remote at the screen, as you would with a TV, and wonder why nothing happens!..... I wish I had a pound for every time I've seen this!
Hope this is of help,
Best regards,

  Pink_Panther2 15:16 02 May 2003

BTW some DLP remotes come with a built in laser pointer. These can be very useful for highlighting areas on the screen.
Best regards,

  Granger 15:22 02 May 2003

Hi again. WHat I'm on about is that the spec refers to "wireless and wired LAN function".

Have you ever heard of anyone having this "rainbow effect" problem? I chose this projector mainly cos of its contrast, wireless function, ability to use in small rooms etc. Also, I want to be able to run small movies as part of my presentations.

  Pink_Panther2 15:33 02 May 2003

I've never encountered what you refer to as rainbow effect, so regret I cannot advise. With respect to the other point, you'd probably be well advised to phone Ivojo n 0845 126 0530 for model specific info.

  kane_2002k 16:32 05 May 2003

what hifi magazine. Source of alot of reviews etc on projectors, and it has as a review magazine unparellaled respect in the field of all things music and home entertainment, i.e. projecters

  Granger 09:53 06 May 2003

Thanks again for the responses guys. I'll call this closed now, and go have a look at the HiFi magazine.

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