DL+ 235 x 121mm Envelopes

  RGB76 19:09 06 Sep 2010

Hello all
I`ve been trying to find and buy a small amount of these DL+ 235mm x 121mm envelopes, I only need about a 100.
It`s easy enough to find them but their only on sale in 1,000 boxes, I need the ones without a window, has anyone any idea where I could get them in a small amount.

Many thanks


  The Kestrel 19:49 06 Sep 2010

If you have a Lidl supermarket close by, try them, they usually have them in stock and they are quite inexpensive.

  961 19:52 06 Sep 2010

Morrisons, Tesco, Asda

They all do them

  RGB76 20:04 06 Sep 2010

Many thanks for your sugestions, but the envelopes must be the size that I`ve stated, and everywhere that I`ve looked including all the supermarkets do not stock that size!.
What I need are slightly different from the normal size that are on sale everywhere.

Many thanks


  RGB76 20:18 06 Sep 2010

I should say that the envelopes that look like what I want are DL 220mm x 110mm and are in almost every supermarket or paper shop in the country.
The DL+ 235mm x 121mm are slightly bigger hence the DL+ in front of the size.



  wiz-king 20:22 06 Sep 2010
  RGB76 20:41 06 Sep 2010

Many thanks wiz-king that`s exactly what I wanted.
Thanks to everyone for your help.



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