rickimalone 14:08 22 Apr 2004

After loads of problems with mother in-laws PC I have decided to build her one, its preety much learn as I go using a wide range of websites and hopefully this formum help.......
She really wants it for broadband,storing digital picture's, word processing making music cd'd and enough power to be able to cope for the next few years incase she takes up any new PC hobbies...........

The main software will be Windows XP HE and Norton Anti Virus and Office 2000..

So far i've come up with a list with prices::

Aries 300w atx tower 7 bays = 39.99 @ maplins

ASUS A7V8X-X Socket A = 43.51 @ DABS

AMD 2500+(Barton) including heatsink,fan = 64.04 @ savastore

512MB PC2700 = 44.59 @ savastore

40GB Samsung udma 100 7200rpm HD = 39.89 @ savastore

Sony CDRW/DVD combi drive = 31.67 @ savastore

Radeon 9200se 128mb = 35.19 @ savastore

3.5inc floppy drive = already got

monitor 15inc crt = already got

Microsoft keyboard/mouse = already got

This is about as far as ive got so far hardware is £298.88 and i still need to buy Windows OEM and Norton OEM(looking for best price)...

Im still not 100% sure about how much cable etc and what tools I need to buy. I have a static wrist band and mat and thats it........

Please if anyone thinks of anything to add or a link that might help me it would be much appreciated, this is my first time doing anything like this and there is no rush it's as much about learning and enjoying building it for me, as it is about the end result for mother in-law...........

  rickimalone 15:16 22 Apr 2004

Also if anyone knows of any good books/websites dealing with the more technical side of building a PC, all imput will be a great help.......Regards Ricki

  medicine hat 15:31 22 Apr 2004

Since you have chosen an Asus board you will get an excellent manual which will guide you through the building process. Any queries which arise can soon be answered in the Helproom.

The A7V8X is an excellent board though you may be better of in using the VM edition, which comes with onboard video click here rather than using a seperate AGP card - you don't say that she will be playing Medal of Honor afterall :-)

Get the memory from Crucial where the RAM is guaranteed to work with the board and no P&P charge click here

  medicine hat 15:41 22 Apr 2004

Oops forgot ---

Software - click here Can't beat those prices :-)

Tools - a cross-head screwdriver is all you really need though a little device to pick up and hold screws is handy (don't know what it is called!). And a flat-head screwdriver for mounting the heatsink/fan - you will soon understand that one!

Just take sensible anti-static precautions for all the components

  Totally-braindead 21:49 22 Apr 2004

Wouldn't buy the Samsung hard drive would buy either a Seagate or Western Digital or Maxtor and since the prices are so low maybe pay an extra £10 and get a bigger hard drive. Good advice about the memory don't buy cheap memory it causes no end of problems, believe me I know get Crucial memory well worth the extra. Rest of your spec looks pretty good. Shouldn't need any extra cables you'll get at least 1 IDE and a floppy cable with the motherboard. The case will come with enough screws to mount the motherboard in the case but you may need a couple of extra screws to mount the hard drive etc ( depends sometimes you get tons with a new case ). Get a magnetic screwdriver if you can, a philips one makes assembling everything a breeze and you don't loose screws, but its not essential. Be wary fitting the cpu heatsink and fan, I presume from the price its the retail version you've got thats good cos it come with a really heavy duty heatsink and it comes with excellent instructions. You'll probably need a printer as well so remember to budget for that. Have fun but be careful or you'll end up like me, addicted to building pcs. And get a case fan if the case doesn't come with one they're only about a fiver ( athlons run hot)

  rickimalone 23:43 22 Apr 2004

Yes cpu is retail version...........

HD is forty as her 8BG Harddrive of neary four years is still not full!!! and she got a digital camera last year so I think it will do her just fine..........

Got printer and just order Windows XP and Norton Virus 2004 for 70 so well in budget....

Thanks to all advice

  rickimalone 23:44 22 Apr 2004


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