Dixons- Is there a con going on here?

  beattyben 20:08 21 Feb 2004

I met a freind today, who was eyeing up a new PC in Dixons at Waltham Cross, the spec for the machine wasn't that bad at £599.00, AMD 2.6mHz, CD-RW/DVD,as the machine displayed had a 17" TFT monitor and the package included a HP printer, a Xerox scanner and a HP digital camera. When I asked the sales "boy" about the the package, I was told that it was a 17" CRT monitor and that the display sept up was wrong.I duly made my views heard and the sales boy in Dixons said "I think you should make a complaint coz we're told to set up the systems without the right kit". If I hadn't have met my friend today some serious money might have been spent on kit that wasn't wanted

  thisisnighthawk 20:27 21 Feb 2004

can we really expect anything different from Dixons.............

  Migwell 20:41 21 Feb 2004

Has your friend spoken to trading standards at his local council yet. I think they could be very interested in this, as "Goods must be as described" under the sale of goods act 1979. I think showing a TFT monitor with a computer and not advertising or showing a CRT monitor with the computer could be wrong!!!!!

Dixons have already been hauled before the Courts for false advertising and misrepresentation and I would be very surprised if they were not on the very edge of the law again this time round. The only defence being that the TFT was a display model used purely for the purpose of demonstrating the PC it was attached to (Obviously a prominent notice to that effect would be nearby......wasnt it?)

  spuds 21:51 21 Feb 2004

Don't think this will come under the Sales of Goods Act, unless the display card actually stated it was a TFT instead of a CRT that was part of the package.Always pays to read the display card or ask questions. How many times have you seen a computer advert in a magazine with the base,speakers.keyboard and monitor shown, only to have somewhere nearby 'monitor not supplied'or words to that effect. Takes the glow out of the supposed bargain, doesn't it!.

  ddd3 22:39 21 Feb 2004

Trading Standards would certainly be interested if you or your friend had said "I want this one", indicating the setup, which indicates an offer on your behalf, and the sales guy had said "OK" (Or some other such affirmation), and then you'd wound up with something different.

That said, I am assuming from your mail that there WASN'T a clearly displayed disclaimer anywhere around?

  wee eddie 19:46 22 Feb 2004

Of course you did or you would not have known what the price was.

  wee eddie 19:57 22 Feb 2004

A display is just an offer to "treat" is the word I believe.

While I know that Dixon's are not exactly the angels that their admen would have one believe, but I think your friend may be pushing his luck.

Your friend friend must have read the card in some detail as he knows that it included, an HP printer, a Xerox scanner and an HP digital camera. Maybe there was no mention of a VDU. Possibly they were throwing in a 17" CRT as an extra that they had forgotten to mention.

He has only grounds if the TFT was specifically mentioned!

  Forum Editor 00:32 23 Feb 2004

without the right kit".

Interesting - would you care to email me beattyben?

  MichelleC 10:01 23 Feb 2004

It is, of course, illegal to display a package at a certain spec and price when one or more items does not match the higher spec as displayed. If there is not a prominant disclaimer to that effect the purchaser is legally entitled to the higher spec displayed. I believe the retailer's ancient 'wriggling-out clause' of avoiding this by stating 'it was just for display purposes and we don't have any more in stock and don't have to sell the last package on display' is now defunct.

  beattyben 19:49 23 Feb 2004

Many thanks for your responses on this matter.

I have e mailed the FE and hopefully this kind of practice will become a dim and distant thing of the past....but I won't shouldn't hold my breath on that one (no disrespect to the FE, just don't have a lot of faith in these companies and their practices).....got to go I've just turned blue and about to pass out!!

Stay sane folks

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