dixons giving me grief :-(

  tartanterror 21:46 09 Jun 2003

looking for some advice here folks.
background info....

purchased a kodak dx3600 zoom in august 2001 and took the coverplan option extended waranty.

the camera wouldn't initialize all the time so took it back during the first year and had it repaired under the manufactures guarentee.

to cut a long story short the camera has been sent back (5) times now to date and each time they have repaired different faults without actually fixing the camera.

the 4th repair came back 4 weeks ago and the fault was still there so i went straight back to my local store and they sent it away for it's 5th repair i insisted that since they hadn't fixed the problem they should date the repair date when i sent it in for the 4th repair knowing well that there was no way they could get it repaired and back to me in the specified (6 week period or replace camera time slot)

they have agreed that it is now past my 6 week deadline and are going to offer me either a replacemrnt camera (the kodak model is discontinued that was broken) or vouchers.

i paid £350 for the camera and £122 for the coverplan the camera has been away for a total of 25 weeks being fixed within 22 months.

i will find out tomorrow evening what they(dixons)will offer me but i'd like to know what i can realistically expext/demand.

ps: i took the camera on there finance package (4years) so i have been paying all these months for a useless camera.

any advice greatly appreciated


  davidg_richmond 22:01 09 Jun 2003

Tartanterror, you will probably get offered the value for the same specification, such as the Kodak 4230 (£180). You will get back the remainder of the Coverplan value (about £60) to go towards a new Coverplan (this would get you about 5 years' cover on the 4230).

You don't necessarily have to accept the first offer, if you think it is not suitable. If it isn't, let them know what you think is suitable and why and they will take it into consideration, especially if you highlight the number of repairs the current model has had.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:16 09 Jun 2003

They are only obliged to replace the camera with a model of similar value and specification. The coverplan is like an insurance policy in that you cannot claim premiums back. Morally they ought to offer you a little extra but legally they are not obliged. Interestingly I would have thought that they sent the camera back to Kodak in Belgium...mine went there when it was DOA.


  tartanterror 22:19 09 Jun 2003

thanks for replying davidg
would i be within my rights to tell them to cancel my finance after all they havn't provided me with what i paid for (namely a working camera)
and start afresh with a reputable company.
i feel like unless i got the origanal price which is very unlikely iv'e been ripped off.
paying 22 months finance for a duff camera and then getting for example (£180) with a further depreciation of £170 from my origianal price i paid.

i have been pushed from pillar to post with the dixons staff given loads of bull etc and generally mucked about.

will let you know what they "offer" tomorrow evening if i havn't found a tree and a noosed rope by then lol :-)

  tartanterror 22:23 09 Jun 2003

according to the dixons staff
the camera was sent to belgium for repairs 1 2 3 and sent to south of england for repairs 5 and 6

  johnnie_mcdougall 22:27 09 Jun 2003

Did you know, if the coverplan was to be claimed on (i.e. after 12 month guarantee) and they replace your camera, they scrap your coverplan. Comet are the only company to keep the existing warranty for the remainder of the contract i.e 5 years. It would only be fair that if you get a replacement in the future, your cover transfers to the new machine. I would say take your business to Comet.

  davidg_richmond 00:27 10 Jun 2003

Johnnie_mcdougall I have to correct you - no, Dixons don't actually scrap the Coverplan. You are given the remaining value of the Coverplan (i.e. just over two years' worth in this case) to spend on a new Coverplan on the replacement product. This is standard Coverplan policy and in all documentation on Coverplan.

Tartanterror - if you cancel a finance agreement you will find that HFC bank will write letters to you demanding the money, may harm your credit rating and if you refuse they can take you to court. Buying on finance is like buying on a credit card, it is with a separate company who want their money from you, them having already paid Dixons the price of the agreement. DO NOT CANCEL IT.

If you buy anything computer-related on finance, you will find after a couple of years that your product is available much cheaper, that's the way it goes. You get an equivalently-specified camera
whether you paid cash, credit card, or finance. You are not renting a camera - you are paying the price it cost in August 2001 spread over 3 or 4 years.

The camera goes to Belgium (Kodak) when it is under the original year's warranty, then to the Mastercare Digital Repair Centre (which I think is at Birmingham) when under Coverplan.

  Forum Editor 00:54 10 Jun 2003

davidg_richmond has given you excellent advice, and I suggest that you pay particular attention to what he said with regard to cancelling a finance agreement. Many people fall into the trap of thinking that such an agreement is with the retailer, and that when they are in dispute with said retailer defaulting on the agreement is OK - which is very far from the truth.

A finance agreement is made with a finance company, and it's to that company that you have a legal obligation. The finance company is a separate entity, and a dispute with the retailer does not concern them.

If you don't like the offer that Dixons make you do as davidg_richmond suggests, and explain to them why you think you should get more. You may well be offerd a camera that has a higher specification than the original, but you are not entitled to expect it. The matter of compensation for the many weeks that you have been unable to 'enjoy' (to use the legal word) the camera is a separate - although related -issue, and one which you might have to pursue in court - Dixons are not legally obligated to compensate you under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act, although as Gandalf says, they might feel that in the circumstances some form of recompense is warranted.

  rickf 02:52 10 Jun 2003

Moral of this story-Never take up a cover plan until issues surrounding this sorry business are sorted, if ever.

  The Spires 08:01 10 Jun 2003

rickf if he hadn't taken up a coverplan he would now have a useless shiny box that was once a camera.

  tartanterror 21:30 10 Jun 2003

as promised folks heres the latest following my visit to dixons this evening......

they "dixons" have agreed to give me vouchers for the total i paid for the camera £350

the coverplan as davidg comments is correct ie: its simply transfers over to my new purchase.

i am more than happy at the offer and dixons even offered to "loan" me a digital camera until my tokens arrive between 7 and 10 days they say.

i'm just glad to be seeing the end of this predicament and will give this post a resolved tick when i receive the £350 tokens and the smooth transfer of my warranty, and of course a big thank you to dixons.

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