dixons cut jobs not prices

  obbit 19:12 18 Mar 2003

dixons are cutting jobs. my sympathies go to those losing their jobs. but why don't they cut prices instead? i don't shop at dixons, currys or pc world, they are one company anyway, all three. the reason i don't shop at these is because the prices are cheaper else where. so if they cut prices i might go in and buy something.

  davidg_richmond 19:41 18 Mar 2003

where did you hear this? i cant see any links, and the corporate website doesnt have a press release.

  davidg_richmond 19:52 18 Mar 2003

aah found it click here
its always the way when times are hard - get rid of the staff! margins are so low anyway theres very little room for price cutting, and theres no way a bricks and mortar can match internet prices

  obbit 20:03 18 Mar 2003

just to prove my point, i went to dixons to look at 3.5 steroe jack plug to plug lead. price £14 or so. went to maplins £2.99 !!!!

admittedly the one at dixons was gold plated but that was the only choice.

  anchor 20:19 18 Mar 2003

Yes, of course bricks and mortar cannot match web prices. However, in my experience DSG tend to be more expensive than many other high street stores.

I recall when I bought my Fuji 6800 camera when it was released in the spring of 2001, DSG were charging £699, and my local specialist camera dealers price was £589. Moreover, I received much better service there.

Perhaps if they gave better service, and offered more competitive high street prices, they might sell more. Their enormous buying power should enable this.

  davidg_richmond 22:03 18 Mar 2003

are you sure there was a 3.5mm jack to jack for £14.99? i work for Dixons, the only one i know of is about £4.99 or £5.99 (JVC gold plated).

anchor - Dixons usually price-check against the major retailers on a like-for-like product, and where a customer has found a lower price on the high street we will match it. its often difficult to keep track of what small specialists are charging.

  do not process one 23:07 18 Mar 2003

dixons are pricer and bad after service-they charge for calls to them at £1.00 min; even if it is not your fault! and do the same at pc world too!

  Forum Editor 23:20 18 Mar 2003

Like every other major retailer in the electronics market has experienced a downturn in consumer spending. This isn't the company's fault particularly, but is a reflection of consumer confidence in the economy as a whole. People aren't spending as much on so-called luxury items.

In such circumstances company management has to look to cut overheads, and staff levels are often trimmed. Non of the job losses at Dixons are going to be in the shops, they're all in head office - with some in Hong Kong.

As consumers we are constantly on the lookout for the lowest possible prices, and this forces retailers to cut margins to the bone. Such fierce competition results in very little room for manouevre in times of trouble. Of course there'll be the occasional baragin to be had from a local retailer, but small shops can never really compete with the giant chains across the board when it comes to prices.

  obbit 20:02 19 Mar 2003

thanks FE i'll close

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