Dixon?s, Curry's PC World ?Wake up?!

  Simon_P 02:18 12 Oct 2003

It?s a simple, but annoying thing all the same. All I wanted was blue ink!

Dixon?s had none for Canon s500 series (only black) and sent me to curry?s

Curry?s had none and sent me to PC World and guess what? No they didn?t have any either!

On enquiry I was told that they have no control over stock ordering and that head office allocate their supply?s!

How do they know what is needed if they cant communicate with their shops?

So I guess the morel of this story is, if you live in West Lothian you can print as much text as you want, but if you want to print colour web forms or photos you?ve had your chips!

Come on Dixon?s group WAKE UP!

  powerless 02:21 12 Oct 2003

Internet shopping?

  Simon_P 02:36 12 Oct 2003

But was caught short!

Aw it happens

  Jester2K II 10:44 12 Oct 2003

On enquiry I was told that they have no control over stock ordering and that head office allocate their supply?s!

Central Control - very common for large chains. Our local large book store takes 3-4 weeks to order a book. The small independent 3-7 days - why. Large book store is centrally controlled and all orders go via the central system. Independent just goes straight to the distributor.

Order plenty online ahead and never get caught short click here

  pj123 11:24 12 Oct 2003

Or, also click here click here Delivery in two days.

  Simon_P 12:35 12 Oct 2003

Jester2K II and pj123 for the links.

I usually order online and have a spare set, however someone wife / daughter used the spare and I didnt notice "lesson learnt"

Will resolve this now, just thought it shoud have been said.

  Forum Editor 14:39 12 Oct 2003

that because PC World, Dixons, and Currys are all part of the same group they'll have a common system/policy on these matters, but they don't.

Each company operates on its own, as I found out when I tried to get Currys to equal the price that PCW were charging for a PDA. The sales person didn't want to know, and was unhelpful to the point of rudeness, so much so in fact that I told him he was going to lose the sale, and that I would drive the five miles to PC World for the item.

"Do that then" he replied, and turned to continue his conversation with a colleague.

  Simon_P 19:16 12 Oct 2003

I dont have too much respect for either of them and even less now. Like you said the salesman was not intrested and nor were the three that I spoke to. I find them rude and unhelpfull not to mention lack of knoledge.

Just in this case I needed ink asap (we all make mistakes)

I favour small shops and/or buy online with very few problems.

The post was just to let people know what they are like to customers.

  wee eddie 21:18 12 Oct 2003

I am wondering why you started another thread pointing directly to this one.

I am not sure how many printer types there are out there, but I fail to see how you can blame these traders for not having the ink you want in stock. After all, the last unit may have been bought 30 seconds before you entered the store.

Did you think to try Cartridge World, if they did not have this ink in stock. Why have they not been castigated as well.

Was it not possible to visit ASDA and purchase one of their Refil Kits.

Did you think to use your Mobile Phone to check stock levels before you visited.

  lateknight 21:32 12 Oct 2003

I have never had a good buying experience in any of the 'Dixon Group' shops. You either get pounced on as soon as you walk in the door by some overeager salesperson, or even more annoying, is that when you do ask for assistance, they look at you like you've just asked them the most impossible question in the world!!. Does anybody in these places know anything about the products they sell? I haven't found anybody who does.
I wouldn't buy anything from them ever again....

  Q-Bie 22:30 12 Oct 2003

"Does anybody in these places know anything about the products they sell?"

/me waves

Ask me about Games, Graphics Cards, CPUs, Webcams, Networking (Wired and Wireless), Printers, Scanners, Sound Cards, DVD Writers, and about 100 other things and I'll be able to help ya ;)

Maybe I know too much to work in PC World :D

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