Distance Selling Regs & Technoworld

  bfoc 22:50 08 May 2007

Just for info really.
My daughter bought a new Acer laptop with Vista Home Premium from Technoworld. It was delivered last Tuesday. She has been very unimpressed.
It seems very slow (compared to her over 3 year old laptop), sometimes fails to start, when it does start it brings up a variety of warning messages and won't even play DVDs correctly. It also won't connect to her wireless router when WPA security is enabled.
After chatting to me she decided to return it to Technoworld under the DSR and also inform them of the faults.
She contacted them and was told that as she had opened the packaging she couldn't 'automatically' return it under the DSR and that using it also meant that she couldn't return it.
I spoke to them and was told the same thing and this was their terms and conditions. I pointed out that whatever their T&C's stated it couldn't supersede UK law, but the person insisted that this was the situation.
I therefore phoned Consumer Direct click here who were excellent and said that:
Technoworld were utterly wrong, that the item can be returned under the DSR after being opened and used. That the item can also be reported as faulty. They also reminded me (in view of the long weekend) that the limit for choosing to return an item is seven working days from the day after receipt and so my daughter was well inside the limit.
As she bought the laptop on a buy now pay later basis she has also informed the finance company.
Just thought I'd share this and also recommend people who have any problems to check out their rights with Consumer Direct.

  anchor 12:34 09 May 2007

That story sounded like an episode of Fools and Horses I saw recently.

Del boy told a Vicar that the computer he had on approval, and now wished to return, was second hand as the Vicar had removed the wrapping.

Funny in a TV show, but not so funny when it happens in real life.

  bfoc 15:22 09 May 2007

When my daughter emailed and explained what Consumer Direct said, she immediately got a returns number and all they said was that they would need to check that the laptop was in 'mint' condition.

Will update further when I know anything.

  I am Spartacus 15:43 09 May 2007

I would take some photos of it before returning to confirm the condition.

  bfoc 23:46 09 May 2007

I'll pass that along!


  bfoc 17:04 15 May 2007

Technoworld are now saying that there are 'scratches' on the laptop and they are charging a £50 re-stocking fee!

Unfortunately my daughter had already packaged the laptop up when she got the suggestion for a photo.

She does have witnesses though!

  spuds 19:22 15 May 2007

Check again with Consumer Direct, I think that you will find restocking fees are illegal.

Looks like Technoworld are out of touch with consumer law.

The finance company have an 'equal liability' in sorting out the problem under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Insist that they help, if Technoworld are proving difficult.

  bfoc 23:21 15 May 2007

I was told by CD earlier that Technoworld couldn't charge a re-stocking fee.

My daughter will ring CD tomorrow and check it out and she will be contacting the finance company.

  appletrees 21:45 17 May 2007

If all else fails (which it shouldn't!), tell them that you are going to sue them (and the finance company) in the Small Claims Court if they don't tow the line. (Copy of letter to the finance company......!!)

This usually gets some action. If not, sue!

  bfoc 23:36 17 May 2007

Thanks for that.

However, as she has not actually paid anything (except the return postage) it will be up to them to chase for the money!

We have kept the finance company informed throughout and my daughter has taken advantage of a special offer to join Which legal service for £12.95 which covers her for 6 mths and they will help her with this problem if it is needed.

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