Dishwasher Seals

  Dragon_Heart 02:44 23 Feb 2011

Is it just this household or are the seals on dishwasher doors prone to fall off.

We've had our newest dishwasher just over 18 months and the door seal has fallen off. This is the second machine this has happened.

It appears to be the fault of how the bottom dish tray slides out past ( rubs against ) the seal.

Is it a common problem ?

  morddwyd 07:48 23 Feb 2011

Not so far in this household.

Last dishwasher was well over five years with no problems and the current one a couple of ears.

  wiz-king 10:49 23 Feb 2011

My dishwasher said that her seals are OK at the moment.

  spuds 10:50 23 Feb 2011

I would get in touch with the manufacturer or their trade association, perhaps even Consumer Direct for information. Even your local repair or spare part station might help.

I had a problem with a washing machine a couple of years back (clothes getting powder stains), and contacting the washing machine and powder manufacturer, brought some great information from both, that was not in any instruction books. Even ended up with vouchers for free supplies of regular washing liquids and powder.

  polish 20:17 23 Feb 2011

click here if you have no joy i have used these for parts for dishwashers and have had no problems there are also how to videos

  mole44 05:19 24 Feb 2011

my dishwasher is 66 years old and works perfectly every time,that`s me of course.

  Dragon_Heart 01:55 25 Feb 2011

Used them myself for washer parts but ...

... the problem is it's the thin metal strip that the seal fits into that's come away. It looks like it's only tack welded in place.

  Dragon_Heart 02:08 25 Feb 2011

Do you wash them @ 3 am when it's cheap rate electric ?

PS 'polish', have contacted them to see if they do replacement trim.

  polish 17:48 25 Feb 2011

just a thought do you have the salt set on a high setting

  Dragon_Heart 21:32 25 Feb 2011

...... it's not set on a high setting. Also no signs of 'rust' on ss iner or trim.

  polish 21:50 25 Feb 2011

sorry i cant help further maybe you have just been unlucky hope you can sort out the problem

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