Disgruntled MESH customer

  Phosphate 15:46 11 Oct 2010

Their customer service is quite possibly the most appalling I have ever encountered.
I bought 2 'award winning PC's' in March this year. When one went down with graphics issues I tried to contact their technical support. Four days later I got a response asking me if i'd updated drivers! FOUR days response time!! when I wanted to buy a PC there was somebody online to answer all my questions via IM!
well after one more e-mail and another 4 days I tried to ring and after much jumping through hoops they said they would take it back. It took 5 days for the shipping label to arrive and I had to pay £41 for the pickup! Listen it gets worse. The day comes for pick up and I wait in all day and ..... you guessed it. They didn't turn up. 5 days later (a whole month after the initial problem was reported) and 2 of my very valuable holiday days later it is picked up.
I asked if MESH would refund my courier charges as they had messed me around and they refused.
They are an absolute shambles and I will be leaving my experiences on all available forums and urge everyone else who has had a similare experience to do so.

  961 16:51 11 Oct 2010

How did you pay for the computers?

Have you still got one of the computers?

  Phosphate 17:00 11 Oct 2010

I paid by credit card and yes I still have the other computer.

  john bunyan 19:03 11 Oct 2010

Under the Distance Selling Regulations - if you are rejecting the first PC - Mesh have to pay for the return carriage.

  961 19:22 11 Oct 2010

I'm making some assumptions here. If any are wrong, please tell me

I guess the fault happened after the time for return under DS regs had expired and in that case the terms and conditions of the contract may say you have to pay return carriage. However I still think you can complain that the goods were not of satisfactory quality and if within the first 6 months after sale Mesh may well have to show that this was incorrect

The credit card company is jointly liable under s75 so complain to them as well.

Claim to both for the £41 together with a reasonable amount for the loss of two days holiday plus phone call costs

I take it you have received a refund for the cost of the computer

  spuds 23:03 11 Oct 2010

Consumer Direct perhaps? click here

  KremmenUK 06:52 12 Oct 2010

Quite often posts like this get answered by Mesh themselves (well, one helpful employee who occasionally views these posts).

Once they do you will likely find that things will get sorted - eventually.

However, this still doesn't bypass your frustrations and other frustrated owners that I see far too often scattered around various forums.

Any company of this size should have its customer support sorted as a matter of priority.

Or - do they have a well staffed CS section but they are being overwhelmed by faulty equipment calls?

  daveeb 10:48 12 Oct 2010

Judging by what i have read here and several other forums I see my own bad experience with Mesh a good many years ago was not a one off. They do seem to exhibit a cavalier attitude towards customer service and I certainly wouldn't consider giving them my business.

  Forum Editor 00:06 13 Oct 2010

and that means that the six-month period for returning a faulty item has expired.

You say that the computer "went down with graphics issues", and that you've returned it to Mesh. Have you heard from the company since then?

To be fair, It's normal for retailers to require you to pay the carriage charges when you request a return - they have no way of knowing if the goods they supplied are faulty until they see the machine. If the goods are faulty you are entitled to claim a refund of your return costs.

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