Disclaimer: Do we need one?

  powerless 11:58 04 May 2003

I can answer the question myself – NO

The question was probably asked when the forum was starting to find members. But I was wondering are there any Legal implications of giving bad advice? (Not that I have given any that I am aware of)

We all have the potential to help out with a problem but we all have the potential to “Destroy a PC”. It could be a file being deleted or the deletion of an operating system or worse a PC that has to have a component replaced because of bad advice.

I’m can honestly say that I have not studied the law and I will not study law.

But are we LIABEL for bad advice?

Or is it case of “If you I told you to jump of a cliff – would you?”

  DieSse 12:38 04 May 2003

"All material on this website is copyright © 1999-2003. PC Advisor"

Thus one can only assume they take the responsibility???

  powerless 12:43 04 May 2003

Yes but i thought that mean't you cannot copy material.

For example:

Hey disee how do i install Windows XP.

Then tell me how to do that but you make a mistake and i end up casuing some damage.

Only if someone were to copy our typings to say another forum would "All material on this website is copyright © 1999-2003. PC Advisor" apply.

Like legal talk isn't my thing.

  soy 12:46 04 May 2003

I've often wondered about this question myself and Wait eager to hear what the FE says.

I think the information given on the forums my members should only be taken as advice only! and attempts to follow them is at the owners risk.

  crx1600 13:06 04 May 2003

i wonder about the HSE complaining about PC mags advising their readers to work inside PC whilst plugged in.

i see that same advice here on a weekly basis.

  powerless 13:16 04 May 2003

Surely it's common knowledge that eletrictiy and the human being are not very good freinds.

Do you have a link to this HSE about the PC mags?

But as you say someone could post a message about opening up a PC. Then someone goes and does that leaving it plugged in - I would not like to think what could happen.

If we were to type about please make sure you have backups, disconnect at the mains, i'm not responsilble for you internet charges etc etc make for some long posts.

  soy 13:20 04 May 2003

There should be a statement on the lines of; 'Intructions are not the same as Advice, you follow instructions to the word, but you take advice with risks'.

  DieSse 13:22 04 May 2003

I'm not sure, and I can't find a reference right now, but I'd be surprised if any voltage inside the tower - but outside the sealed PSU, would be classed as a "dangerous voltage".

Most of the advice about keeping equipment plugged in, is to ensure an Earth connection, to protect the system against static shocks.

The only totally "bomb-proof" method is to unplug the system amd provide a seperate earth point for the chassis. This may be done with a specially wired mains cable - with the two power wires disconnected, and the earth wire left in place.

  crx1600 13:29 04 May 2003

click here for the HSE comment.

  Belatucadrus 13:34 04 May 2003

Perhaps FE should find a way of highlighting the difference between advice/instructions from official PCA personnel and the well meaning postings from the rest of us. I know many of you are professionals in the IT field anyway, but how can the newer members tell ?

  powerless 13:42 04 May 2003

"I know many of you are professionals in the IT field anyway..."


No formal qualications at all in the IT world ;-) Everything i know and type about is self taught or off this forum.

I only post what i know, i do not guess.

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