Disappointing service from Savastore

  Totally-braindead 22:55 07 Nov 2005

I've ordered quite a few items from Savastore, Watford Electronics in the past and haven't really had too many problems but the last order I made with them has been very slow to get a response.
Basically what happened is I ordered a DVD writer from them for a neighbours PC and it arrived quickly enough but there appeared to be problems with it so I contacted Watfords and asked for a RMA request to send it back. In the meantime I kept trying to get it to work correctly and eventually succeeded. Now a week had gone by since I requested the RMA and there was no word from them. I emailed them again telling them I got to the bottom of it and to cancel the RMA request. I heard no more from them until I checked my emails tonight.
They just sent me an RMA request authorisation for the item that I requested 5 weeks ago and that I emailed them about 4 weeks ago asking them to cancel it.
Now I admit this isn't a major problem in that I got the DVD writer working and didn't need to send it back anyway. But the time it has taken them to process this request is abysmal. 5 weeks to authorise a return is pathetic. I did have to return an item to them a couple of years ago and got the authorisation in a couple of days which I thought was fair enough but 5 weeks is ridiculous. If I was waiting for them to reply to me and had a useless item just sitting there I would not be happy at having to wait this length of time.
So the point of my thread is this, if this is an example of the length of time it takes them to reply these days then I would strongly consider going elsewhere in case the item is faulty as you will be sitting waiting for ages for them to reply.
Very disappointing from what used to be a rather good company.
I have by the way contacted them directly and advised them of my feelings on this, I presume they will reply in another 5 or 6 weeks.

  spuds 13:03 08 Nov 2005

Have you been following the recent Savastore postings within the forums!.

  pj123 17:36 08 Nov 2005

Watford/Savastore now seem to have a presence on this Forum, so let's see if they respond to this thread.

  Totally-braindead 14:48 09 Nov 2005

I have seen the recent threads, the main reason I posted is I was just so disapointed in the time it took for them to respond and wished to warn the other Forum members that if they bought from them and something went wrong they may have a long wait.

  vinnyT 15:09 09 Nov 2005

It makes it worse when the part you brought is for someone else, luckily you got it sorted, I for one, would not have enjoyed reporting the lack of progress to my neighbour for five weeks. Makes you look a fool in their eyes.

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