Disappointing External from Seagate

  ened 12:18 21 Oct 2007

I recently purchased an external Hard Drive from Seagate.

It came with no manual, just an idiot’s (Plug into mains{34seconds}) guide on how to set it up and nothing else. The faqs on their website inevitably don’t contain the questions you want to ask.

Most importantly it came pre-installed with Memeo Autobackup.

I have only had the drive a month but have had THREE upgrades from Memeo trying to resolve various issues. Each time one problem was resolved another was created. Currently I am unable to turn my machine off without going into Task Manager and ending the Memeo process.

When I contacted them, about this latest problem, the attitude was: when something was done they would be in touch. When I asked for some idea as to when I could expect a resolution I was rather sarcastically told they had no control over ‘management’ decisions.

This drive was not cheap and I would have expected better. Still: a lesson learnt!

  spuds 12:27 21 Oct 2007

As the retailer a solution to this?.

  ened 12:35 21 Oct 2007

The retailer was Ebuyer and, now that you mention it, I should, at least, place a comment in the review section of the product.

I do not honestly think there is anything fundamentally wrong with the drive and I suppose I could simply use an alternative backup programme.

But I don't really want to have to start backing it all up again if I can help it.

  bremner 13:50 21 Oct 2007

If you have seen this then cick here for the Seagate help with Memeo. click here
As you have said there is unlikely to be anything wrong with the drive.

  crosstrainer 14:07 21 Oct 2007

That comes with these external hdd's is frankly c*** Why dont you simply format it to NTFS and let windows take care of your backups?

I have a 500gb which also came with backup software, and was formatted as fat32...Formatted to ntfs and works a dream.

  Stuartli 20:50 21 Oct 2007

I have an external 400GB Seagate One Touch hard drive - it came with a full manual, BounceBack software from CMS Prodcuts and high quality cables, leads and mains adapter.

It cost £53 from Dabs (normally £5 more but on a TodayOnly offer).

You can download the Seagate DiskWizard to format and partition the drive (mine came pre-formatted but with FAT32 rather than NTFS) and also the latest version of BounceBack from the click here website.

Both should work perfectly with your hard drive.

  Stuartli 20:51 21 Oct 2007

Sorry, for Dabs read Scan...:-)

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