Disappointed with Rock

  jimmybond 13:21 10 Jul 2007

Hi All,

Have to say, I'm also disappointed to be posting this, as you don't see too many complaints about Rock in here - this being one of the reasons why I chose them, over some other well known manufacturers who appear frequently.

Anyway - my CTX pro, which I purchased in March, developed a motherboard fault a couple of weeks ago, it was sent back, and I was informed it had been fixed last friday.

I informed Rock that I would be on holiday Monday (yesterday), and they then confirmed a Tuesday delivery was scheduled (Citylink).

Arriving back at my house yesterday evening at 10:30pm, I discover a soggy cardboard box on my doorstep, in full view of anyone passing by - containing - you guessed it - my £1600 laptop, which had been left in the pishing rain all day.

Luckily - no damage - and I guess is a fault with Citylink (unless tuesday instructions were never passed on).

However, I also discover my 3 month old machine has also been replaced with a well worn and used keyboard - the space bar is completely worn to a 'glossy sheen' on one side, and matt on the other, as are several of the keys - in addition to chips/corrosion/general grime on/under all of them. The 'pg down' key was squint, and fell off as soon as I pressed it. This is all in addition to a felt pen stain across the chassis (admittedly small), and a couple of large scratches on the screen - these i could possibly have lived with.

Anyway - my question - where do I stand, in terms of a refund (which is what I'd now be after, have completely lost confidence in them) - am I entitled to demand this - they didn't seem to keen to offer this route when I spoke to a manager this morning.

  wee eddie 14:43 10 Jul 2007

See if you have a photo of it - taken before it was sent away.

Then quietly ring them up and explain what appears to have happened, record the time of the conversation and get the name of the person that you are dealing with, and then ask if they have accidentally sent you the wrong machine.

Use Please & Thank-you all the way, it pays divvies

If they say that they have sent you the correct machine, quietly, explain to them that you do not think that it's condition is acceptable and you wish to complain.

If their response is negative explain that you will be taking advice as to what your next steps should be from the local Consumer Advice Bureau.

Above all: Do not bluster or threaten, as it cuts no mustard and frequently gets one sidelined.

  spuds 18:12 10 Jul 2007

When Tempo were trading, I had a problem with a CTX computer system. Tempo didn't want to know, but CTX were absolutely brilliant.

Before you contact Rock, perhaps a bit of advice from click here may come in useful.

  jimmybond 18:32 10 Jul 2007

cheers, I'll have a look at the link spuds.

wee eddie - am trying to stay calm with all this, yes - call me cynical though, but I have a dreading feeling they're going to say that I caused the wear to the keyboard, and broke the key by using too much force. I don't have any photographs of before sending it unfortunately :-(

I knew I shouldn't have used that hammer when I was writing war and peace ;-)

  Evghenii 23:49 23 Apr 2008

Rock has the worst after sales service, and i can't say any good words about their laptops. This is my story:
When i received my new laptop the battery was not working. I sent it back and got it after 2 weeks.
I've got it back but: the battery was replaced with the used old battery. The battery holds less then 1 hour. There are scratches on it, and it seems to be from another machine, because the leg on the battery is shorter than on the laptop itself, so the machine vibrates when you type on it.
The screen quality is bad, screen is very dark even though brightness is at maximum level.
I wrote them letter, about it, they told me it should be sent for inspection, i asked them how to do it, they gave me a link, it wasn't working, i wrote them about it but no answer, another message-another link, again wrong. I posted a letter to the manager that i want a refund- more then two months later still no answer. It is now half a year that i am trying to solve this problem. I paid 2070 euro for this laptop and i dont use it(i am stil working on my old one, which is meant to be upgraded to this rock laptop). And the problem is still not resolved. Any advice?

  spuds 08:45 24 Apr 2008

You appear to be using other peoples 'out of date' (over 9 month)postings, requesting help and advice with your problems with Rock. I have suggested in previous threads that you are now using, that it might be perhaps worth considering starting your own thread on the matter.That way, you may get a better direct response.

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