Dirty Lens, retailer won't replace

  ened 08:36 23 May 2005

Hello - Not really a computer question but I am looking for opinions.
I purchased a 75/300 zoom lens for my Digital SLR late last year.
A month or so ago I noticed a load of foreign matter inside it. This included a hair.
The retailer in question is saying that I 'must have been using it inappropriately'!
I expect lenses will pick up a certain amount of airborne objects in time but this has developed in only a few months.
The retailer in question is a household name and they have had all my business for some years now. This is more of a disappointment than anything (although the lens was not cheap)but I would like to know if people think I am justified.

  Magik ®© 09:05 23 May 2005

I think "justified" might be the wrong word, "upset" might be better, i assume the debris must have come in through the rear element, or worked it's way in via the focus ring, you say you noticed it about a month ago, so it was not there when you got it...if it was mine, then i would scrub the shop off my list. if we are talking real money for the lens, then the best bet, for me, is send it back to the makers for cleaning

  Stuartli 09:49 23 May 2005

Unless the lens is very dirty, which will cause light gathering scatter, then there shouldn't be too much of a problem.

However, you state the dirt is internal which may indicate something is amiss (manufacturing quality control?), although I would suggest that it seems to have taken some time to discover.

  ened 10:15 23 May 2005

Thanks for your replies.
I am meticulous with all my equipment and the lens has no dirt on the outside. In fairness, despite the crap on the inside, the pictures appear to be unaffected.
I am upset with the attitude of the store, who have always given a superlative service, but I want to know if this should be treated as a warranty issue or ‘normal wear & tear’.
Although I have been told that lenses will pick up stuff after a while I have several, that are years old, which are as clear as the day they were purchased.
If this lens has picked up so much rubbish in only four months (& the manager of the store is not disputing that there is a load of crap in there) what will it be like after 12 months and beyond?

  jack 10:57 23 May 2005

You have proof of purchase.
It is not likely dirt wil ingress imto a mount in use, therfore repair or replacement via retailer is the route- Go back and hind Trading standards and press may be interested in their attitude.
Works wonders,
Always get the store on your side however, be chummy they after all only sold it,and to together get at the manufacturer/importer.

Having said that I do agree with Stuartli
a small amount of debris in the mount although should not be there, would not affect output particulaly.
Some very old lens start fungal growth in sid,e it takes a lot to make a marked differnce to an image,

  Stuartli 11:15 23 May 2005

I have at least half-a-dozen lenses of various ages plus those on various cameras.

None of them has ever had "dirt" collecting internally although I did discover, to my surprise, shortly after buying an Ashai Pentax Spotmatic in 1966, that it had a "friendly" bug living in the prism...:-)

  wee eddie 13:41 23 May 2005

If this was not you, then it must have been another.

However, how you prove this is another problem that I could not solve.

It might be worth approaching the problem from another angle.

Visit the Retailer.

Ask them how they would solve the problem?

Ask them of the cost?

Suggest that, as you had not stripped down the lens (I assume that you haven't), that the lens be cleaned wholly or partially at their expense!

  pauldonovan 13:46 23 May 2005

...perhaps the issue is....should the lens be able to get such debris inside it ?

That to me is a manufacturing issue and I would've thought the shop would support you with that. If you have used it reasonably then I think it is reasonable for you to expect it to operate without filling with debris after a reasonable amount of time.

Having said that, you can't demonstrate that it is materially affecting the product so in some ways it might be like taking something back because it gets dirty but still works!!!!

Very frustrating but that might be your problem.

Is it a digital camera? There are some ways you can make dirt on a sensor show up - I can't remember the exact test but you'll find it in the forums on click here. I wonder if that test might reveal issues with this lens i.e. by exagerrating any problems with dirt in it. Then you could demonstrate this to the manufacturer / retailer.

If the retailer accepts there's problem, but is saying you used it inappropriately then I think they are on a bit of dodgy ground as I believe there's an onus on them to prove that it was used inappropriately.

Otherwise anything you take back not working a retailer could say "oh you must've used it inappropriately".

  anchor 14:03 23 May 2005

The responsibility clearly lies with the retailer.

However, you may get a more favourable response if you approach the UK representative of the lens manufacturer. You do not say who it is, but details might be on the paperwork that accompanied it, or you may be able to find their address on the web.

  ened 14:22 23 May 2005

Many thanks for your replies.

Very interesting what Stuartli says and if wee eddie is correct they must have sold me a used product. I can’t remember if I checked it when it was new but certainly I have done nothing other than fix it to the camera. When not on the camera it is in a cover inside my shoulder bag (hardly careless use!!!)

Anyway the store, who shall remain nameless, have today changed the lens, but I had to endure a lecture as they basically didn’t believe it wasn’t my fault. More importantly they will not change it again.

The lens is a Canon EF 75-300 III USM.

Does anybody else possess one?

  anchor 14:28 23 May 2005

ened: I am pleased that all finally turned out well.

It does not matter what the store thinks; I am sure you will be patronising them again.

Canon make superb lenses so you were unfortunate. If a problem arises again, (very unlikely), contact Canon UK.

Canon U.K. Ltd,
RH2 8BF.

01737 220000

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