Direct Line Renewal Reminders

  PalaeoBill 21:41 12 Nov 2009

"We do not appear to have received your instructions to renew the policy and are concerned that you may not be covered if you do not contact us."

I have now received a fourth renewal reminder letter containing the above, quite factual, statement in the opening paragraph. They appear to be arriving at a rate of one every two or three days.

I called them and then wrote to them four weeks ago to confirm that I didn't wish to renew with them as I was taking out a multicar policy with another company. I then called them a couple of weeks ago when I received the first of the renewal reminder letters. They confirmed that they had received the written instructions from me and blamed the computer.

The latest letter states "your policy is due to expire soon" it then gives the expiry date which is 6 days before the date the letter was posted. Their computer really has got problems! I wait with bated breath to see how many more letter I get.

In their defence, I have no complaints about the service. They were the only company I could find last year that would allow me to add a visiting Canadian relative to my policy as a named driver which is why I switched to them.

  Pamy 22:30 12 Nov 2009

Hi Palaeo, so wats your problem? Just ignore them

  PalaeoBill 22:39 12 Nov 2009

Hi Pamy, I get nervous when I get letters like this. They are quite correct, I haven't sent them any instructions to renew the policy, quite the opposite. I worry about getting two letters a week for the rest of my life; think of all the poor trees and the post ladies poor feet :-)

  Pamy 22:43 12 Nov 2009

I think that once the renew date has truly passed you will not get any more... until it approaches again next year, and it keeps the posty in employment

  Forum Editor 22:53 12 Nov 2009

Don't you just love 'em?

  BT 09:00 13 Nov 2009

As Pamy says they will stop. I changed from D/L this year - and saved loads - and had several of these letters. As long as you're covered by another company there's no problem, you'll just get loads of letter from your new company offering multitudes of their other products!

  birdface 09:16 13 Nov 2009

Well same company .Your House insurance is about to expire but we will take X amount from your Bank account for renewal for the policy.
It was for over £400 and as i had canceled them the year previous because i could get it cheaper elsewhere.
Beginning to panic as the time got closer I had to phone them on their 0845 number .It took about 15 minutes to get it sorted after getting passed around to different departments.
So just wondering if they do that with everyone they could be on to a nice little earner with their phone calls.

  Pamy 09:55 13 Nov 2009

buteman, were you on a credit card payment that allowed them to continue to take payment every year, the type that only they can stop?

  spuds 10:23 13 Nov 2009

This seems to be coming more common, that insurance companies seem to ignore correspondence or telephone conversations regarding taking payments for future years, even though you have informed them that their renewal prices are no longer cost saving to you.

I had a renewal notice a few months ago, from an insurance company that I used two years ago, and had changed company since. Their letter simply stated that they had retained my credit card details, and if they did not hear from me within 7 days, they would renew my insurance. At the time of the previous insurance, it was made quite clear, that any credit card details was to be destroyed after payment had been made for that years insurance. A rather forthright telephone call soon corrected the matter, but it didn't stop them trying to telephone me, and asking if I would renew my insurance cover with them on due date.

  birdface 10:48 13 Nov 2009

Yes it was paid by debit card and at no time did I sign anything for them to continue to take a payment without my authority.
If I remember right Norton Just got Fined so many Million $ for doing the same with their customers.
So I would imagine it could be Illegal for direct line to do the same.

Oops looks like I exaggerated a bit about the amount that they were fined. But fined they were.

click here

  Pamy 10:58 13 Nov 2009

look at this from another site.

Has anyone had problems with Continuous Payment Authority


Be careful when you set up continuous payments

If you set up a regular payment on your credit card you have no automatic right to cancel, Money Box has learned.
In some cases, it can be practically impossible to end the agreement and disputes can take up to six months to resolve.
The problem is occurring because most people do not understand the difference between normal direct debit and the credit card equivalent, called "continuous payment authority".
Continuous payment authorities are becoming more common due to the internet.
By simply entering your card details, regular subscriptions to content providers can be set up immediately.
But while setting up these payments is easy, stopping them can be a nightmare.

Debts example
Moneybox listener Robert Webster signed up for a range of business services costing about £60 a month using his credit card.
Everything was fine until he tried to cancel. He called the retailer - that did not work, so he called the card company.
"They said they could not do it without the supplier instructing them that they would not be taking any more direct debits," he said.
Robert decided to cancel his card but his account with the card company carried on, so the debts kept piling up.
While direct debits are a relationship between customers and their banks, credit card regular payments are an agreement between customers and the retailer.
No warnings
To cancel a continuous payment authority, you must first contact the retailer.
If the retailer does not reply, cannot be contacted or refuses to stop collecting the payment, contact the card company,

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