Direct Debit

  cara 22:49 29 May 2003

Not strictly computer related, but certainly 'consumerwatch'.

I cancelled a 'direct debit' several months ago. The dd was arranged by the bank - we had no direct contact with the company concerned.

Stangely the dd resurfaced last week, when 6 payments were taken in on day. Contacted the bank and the payments were refunded.

However, I notice today that another payment has been taken.

Who would I take issue with - the bank, or the company concerned? How can these payments be taken although authority to take payments has been withdrawn?


  rev.bem 23:08 29 May 2003

Contact your bank it is there responsibility to reimburse you.

  cara 23:40 29 May 2003

The bank originally refunded me, so that aspect is not a problem.

However, the money has been taken again, and it is the hassle ringing the bank up again etc.

My question is, is the bank responsible for allowing a cancelled dd to be taken out of my account repeatedly?

  davidg_richmond 00:36 30 May 2003

If you can bank over the internet, I know my own bank lets me cancel direct debits myself. It's surprising how many old direct debits were still 'active' but no money was coming out - when a DD stops it seems either side does not cancel the mandate itself, but stop requesting payments. They can start again easily as the mandate is still active.

  jeez 01:22 30 May 2003

If you had already cancelled the dd then the way I see it it's fraud/theft, I'd contact the police for advice

  hoverman 08:17 30 May 2003

If you cancelled the direct debit via your bank then surely they should not make any payments at all if a further request comes in.

  cara 12:54 30 May 2003

Checked online this morn. It appears the dd transaction was 'provisional' - i.e. the company had requested the money, but today the bank refused, unlike last week - if this makes any sense!

Hopefully that will be the end of it.

Thanks for your comments.

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