DinoPC service quality!!!!!

  PhiFab5 17:58 10 Dec 2011

Hi there, Bought (and paid) a Desktop PC from DinoPC beginning of November. It was partly delivered (missing screen) at the end of November. Since then and despite e-mail enquiry there is no way to get any kind of update from them. That is really poor customer service quality. Did anyone else experience same thing? How did it end? Thanks for any advice, PhiFab5

  birdface 18:08 10 Dec 2011

It is always best to check Customer reviews before using a company that you have never tried before.

Not sure if the Forum Editor could help you as he has lots of Contacts with some computer providers.

If he sees this he will probably reply but if in a hurry to get it fixed maybe e-mail him 0n the contact forum editor above.

Not saying he will be able to help but if anyone can he can.

  Jameslayer 01:09 11 Dec 2011

They are currently getting reviewed in the magazine so im sure someone in the office must have know someone in the company.

  PhiFab5 11:04 11 Dec 2011

Many thanks for your posts. Let's hope somehow they will get moving! Having this PC without screen is useless.

  Forum Editor 11:10 11 Dec 2011

Did the company provide any explanation as to why your monitor was missing?

  Bexie_S 08:19 13 Dec 2011


Suffering in a similar position to you PhiFab5! Ordered a new PC and monitor in mid November, and they sent just the PC unit around 3 weeks later with a note in to advise the monitor I had ordered was out of stock with no details of when it will be delivered. Spent a few hours on hold on the telephone to find out what was going on, and when I finally did get through to someone (at 4:55pm) they were helpful, but I needed the monitor before the expected date that they were coming back in stock. In the end I decided to arrange collection of the PC unit and requested a full refund.

2 weeks later and I have no refund as yet, although I know that technically they are entitled to up to 30 days to do that. Yet rather bizarrely the monitor has randomly been delivered this morning, so I have sent an email requesting another collection and am currently awaiting their response.

However, my experience of this company has not been of the standard I was expecting - hours and hours to get through on the telephone, and when they received my PC Unit return they contacted me to find out what the technical problem was even though I have been very clear that I am returning the item under the 7 day cooling off period.

I am extremely disappointed with the service received from Dino PC, especially as I went to them as a friend of mine had such professional and efficient service literally a week before I placed my order. Emails do seem to be the best way of getting in touch, with the added bonus that it saves your sanity from hours and hours of those bongo's whilst you're on hold.....

I will let you know how chasing my refund goes......... :)

  HondaMan 09:43 13 Dec 2011

very poor standard of service. Not what I would have expected on them.

  jb_sharx 13:39 01 Mar 2012

I also had a problem with my PC. The sound did not work from the headphone socket on the front - followed instructions in the manual exactly to no avail. Eventually called support. Helpful at first. Had me test the rear socket - which was fine. Said I could use that ... yes, he was serious - so I told him I didn't pay for a system with a non-functioning headphone socket so he would have to do better.

Eventually he had me remove the side of the PC and check the seating of the plug in the motherboard. Now then, I paid a lot of money to have a working system built - this type of activity was precisely what I was trying to avoid by paying someone else to do the build for me. The socket was seated fine. The support guy Ali had said he would be there when I called back. He wasn't - mind you it was 16:45 on a Friday but nonetheless if someone says they'll wait then that's what I expect.

How did it end? Well, I unplugged the plug from the motherboard and found that there were actually two plugs on the end of the cable - one marked AC97 which was plugged in and the other was marked HD. So, as a blind guess I swapped them over, reasoning that it wasn't working anyway so potential harm impact was minimal - it was obviously from the same device. Blow me if it didn't work ... mind you the rear ones may not now but I won't be using those anyway.

All this was rather a shame because the system is really rather good. Nonetheless, it soured the experience for me and I will not use them again. For me, an online supplier has one chance and their support was unimpressive.

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