DinoPC - any good recommendations?

  researcher 19:08 30 Aug 2010


There have been quite a few negative reports on the above company, but as we know people are more likely to comment when things go wrong than when they go right.

They have had a few good reviews in PC Advisor recently, so is there anyone out there who would recommend them?


  birdface 19:46 30 Aug 2010

Now if you have read all of the bad reports would that not put you off from buying one from them.
They do come on here now and then to answer some of problems and try to get it sorted.
But on the other hand who is to say that they are not paying someone to write good reviews.
It was mentioned on here within the last week of a company actually doing that but just cannot remember which company it was.
I am all for reviews as I would not usually go to a company which had bad reviews.
You get company's like Amazon and E-buyer which normally have excellant reviews e-buyer having a few bad ones at the moment because of their payment method that they are using but their goods are usually very good.
So usually up to the individual whether to buy or not to buy.
Some do and regret it others have no bother.
I am sure if you type DinoPC into the Search Forum on this page you should get all the answers that you need.
If only looking for good recommendations would that not be a bit one sided and unfair to the ones that had problems.

  angry_customer 18:35 06 Sep 2010

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Unless you want to endure their lies, lack of communication and general slack attitude to customer service. I ordered from them because the prices are quite competitive. It's now one month and I still haven't got my pc. I've also wasted several pounds on the phone to them only to be told lie after lie. I'm now in the process of contacting the police and my bank to get my money back...

  researcher 19:28 06 Sep 2010

Thanks all. I guess the fact that no-one spoke up for them speaks volumes in itself.

Now ordered from PC Specialist - fingers crossed!

  birdface 20:53 06 Sep 2010

Might need them.

click here

  researcher 21:01 06 Sep 2010

Yes I saw that, but at least there were some good reviews as well!

  tinythorn 18:29 18 Aug 2011

I ordered a gaming pc on July 31 2011. So their website says 1-2 week turnaround... Called them after 2.5 weeks of NO communication. The person on the phone told me they have unexpected high volumes and I should have paid extra if I wanted it earlier!!! Then he went on to explain how they hire new technicians to handle the volume. First of all, I wasn't asking to get the pc earlier than their quoted time (1-2 weeks). So why would I pay 40 quid extra??

He got quite argumentative, finally agreed to send me the pc between 16th and 18th. Today is the 18th. No pc. Called them. Noone answers the phone. Guessing that they wouldn't send the pc on time, I sent an email 3 days ago. Today they responded saying the pc will be send out early next week. I called the credit card company. They said merchant has 30 days to send an item. If nothing is received by then, I can submit a reversal request.

Today after trawling through forums, I found many people complaining about DinoPC's the lack of service, long delays, broken parts, missing parts, etc. I must say I am highly worried, as I've spent over £1000... I'll update this thread if/when I receive the pc.

  birdface 19:59 18 Aug 2011

After 30 days you can cancel the order and get a refund.

It may take up to 30 days for the refund to arrive.

The FE would probably be able to give you the exact advice that you need.

  tinythorn 17:47 23 Aug 2011

Ordered on July 31. Received pc on Aug 22. Everything is working and nothing is missing. Longer than 2 week delivery period, but got it nevertheless.

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