Dimm socket 'Y' adaptor

  LinH 13:34 15 Jan 2005

I have recently cannibalised two pc's and made one; it was quite straightforward and there were no problems. From the two PC's I took out four 128mb SD133 memory modules, two from each machine. However, due to there being only two memory slots available in the (more modern) motherboard I am keeping, I can only insert two modules, giving 256mb.

I seem to recollect a review some time ago of a piece of hardware that slotted into a motherboard memory slot and had two dimm slots available to take two memory modules - something like a 'Y' adaptor. Am I dreaming? Is it possible and if so has anyone any info on this product please?

Many thanks in advance.


  Stuartli 14:28 15 Jan 2005

You might be thinking of ISA memory expansion cards if this is any guide:

click here

  LinH 14:38 15 Jan 2005


Yeah, you are probably right. It was worth asking though, you never know!



  Diemmess 15:54 15 Jan 2005

Intrigued by your post and Stuarti's reply, I suppose that a Y splitter would if it worked at all, give no increase in RAM because all the new addresses would be in parallel.

This is a presumption based on very very little understanding, where I am supposing that each of the smallest memory addresses can only be in a state of 1 or 0.

I assume therefore that doubling up on the physical memory "cells" could not increase their total number because they would each be connected to an identicl "cell."

Or is this a load of cobblers?

  Rayuk 16:35 15 Jan 2005

If I new what you were talking about I would give you an answer :-)

  LinH 16:54 15 Jan 2005


I wouldn't have a clue if it's a load of cobblers, I probably know less than you!

  LinH 16:56 15 Jan 2005


You need to put a k before new to make sense of the sentence!

  Rayuk 17:02 15 Jan 2005

Speling was nefer my strong point,I stand corrected

  Eric10 19:26 15 Jan 2005

I vaguely remember from a time long ago when 72 pin simms took over from 30 pin simms that there was a device with 2 or more slots for 30 pin simms and then fitted into one 72 pin slot. This may be what you are remembering. click here.
I haven't seen anything similar for SDRAM though.

  LinH 22:39 15 Jan 2005

My thanks to everyone that responded, I guess I had a 'senior moment' that imagined something that was never really there.

And Rayuk, I wasn't being serious, it's the helpfulness of the guys and gals that take the time to respond that's important, not how they spell!

Regards to all,


  Rayuk 09:29 16 Jan 2005

Thats OK I realised that

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