Trackrat 16:52 23 Jul 2007

I purchased a motherboard from Aria, which I could not even get to post, so I took it to my local computer shop for them to test.
They could not get it to post either.
They tried my processor and memory in another board, and they worked OK, they tried another processor and different memory in my board and it still would not work.
So I RMA'd it back to Aria and they said it worked OK so they would not replace it and if I wanted a refund there was a 25% restocking fee (I would lose 25% off what I paid).
Beacause I am a good customer at my local computer shop they waived the £15 fee, so no records were kept of the motherboard test.
I have used Aria on and off for some years now and this is the first item I have ever had to return anything to them.
Apart from losing 25% of my money is there anything else I can do.

  Stuartli 17:06 23 Jul 2007

Write to Aria, pointing out that the motherboard was indeed faulty because of the test, and that you would like it to refund the stocking fee.

Looks as if it's possible, at present, that some other customer will end up with the same board (and a restocking fee).

Also stick to your local computer shop if at all possible...:-)

  Trackrat 18:45 23 Jul 2007

I have sent Aria an E-Mail and am awaiting there reply.
And although they are £10 dearer I have ordered the new motherboard from the local outlet.

  Stuartli 19:22 23 Jul 2007

Well they did waive the £15 test fee...:-)

  spuds 22:08 23 Jul 2007

Check with click here regarding your rights, plus I think you will find restocking fees are now illegal.

  Trackrat 23:49 23 Jul 2007

They are not illegal if the company has put a reference to them in their terms and conditions.
And this is Aria.

It is the customer's responsibility to take reasonable care of the goods whilst in their possession. If this condition is not met the Company reserves the right to make a reasonable charge for restocking and resale at a price that is less than that charged for the goods if sold as new. This charge will vary according to the condition of the returned goods. This provision is designed to ensure that returned goods can be sold again as new.

When the motherbord was sent back it was in perfect condition, as were all the boxes and none of the sealed items had been opened but they are saying it is used so cannot be sold as new so a restocking fee applies. I accept that they should make a small charge, I am not against that but 25% is not a reasonable charge it is a rip off.

  Stuartli 23:53 23 Jul 2007

How can you check if something is working properly if you can't take it out of the wrapping?

Have a look at the Long Distance Selling Regulations:

click here

  spuds 22:34 24 Jul 2007

A companies terms and conditions 'do not' override consumer law. Your statutory rights are not effected, irrespective of what a company may say or suggest.

  Trackrat 14:57 26 Jul 2007

I sent Aria an e-mail concerning the consumer law, which they said would be answered in 24-48 hours but have had no reply yet.

  Trackrat 15:02 26 Jul 2007

While I await the answer from Aria and also the refund, I purchased the same board from the local computer outlet and everything works.
Which leads me to think were aria just saying it worked and sending it back to Asus for a replacement, getting a restocking fee from me and getting a brand new replacement to sell.

  Trackrat 23:34 02 Aug 2007

Well after 3 expensive phone calls and several e-mails from Aria I am finally getting a refund.
This has been a tale of woe.
I could not get this board to work,neither could the computer outlet I took it to for testing, so I sent it back and they tested it out and said there was nothing wrong with it so if I did not want it I had to accept a 25% reduction on what I payed for it as a restocking fee.
A week passed and still no refund but an e-mail from Aria saying they had retested it and still found no problems with this board, so I rang them again today and they said as I had requested it to be retested (which I definitely had not), this had delayed the refund which would now be processed.
Then at 5 O'Clock tonight I received another e-mail from them saying a fault had been found with the board and they would be refunding me the full purchase price.
This does not address The £8.25p it cost me to send it back and over £5 in phone call, but at least I have got my original money back.
The thing that really annoys me is it was supposed to have been tested twice and no problems were found, then I get an e-mail that tells me it was faulty after all.
Although this is the first problem I have had with Aria, I shall not be using them again.

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