Digital Technology

  oresome 13:31 10 Feb 2003

"Digital technology is now an integral part of our everyday lives"
I'd have thought this was a statement of fact........Why have a poll on it?

  watchful 13:41 10 Feb 2003

Yes, you can hardly disagree with it can you?

  Stuartli 16:04 10 Feb 2003

But for some it isn't, so the question is relevant, although asking "Is it now an integral part..." might perhaps have been more appropriate.

  watchful 16:14 10 Feb 2003

I agree - it should have been put as a question rather than a statement.

  Forum Editor 15:03 11 Feb 2003

You're asked to agree or disagree - the result is your answer.

Some people - although not many - do disagree by the way, and of course it's still possible to live your life with the minimum of involvement with digital technology. Here in the first world it has permeated pretty well every part of our society, but I sometimes visit places where it seems to have made little impact as yet.

  watchful 15:32 11 Feb 2003

I think that here it's effect is felt most, and felt most annoyingly by many, in telephone communications. In particular where your option is not on the list and you cannot speak to a human being and often have to exit and begin all over again. This kind of thing is particularly confusing and alienating to the elderly.

  oresome 17:06 11 Feb 2003

I wasn't concerned about the grammer. Just thought that anyone reading it and voting was already embracing D.T.
Whilst you can minimise your involvement with society, if you use the phone, purchase food, consume electricity, use the banking system etc. D.T. will have played a part.

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