Digital Radio & TV. When?

  wee eddie 15:29 06 Jan 2004

This is not a PC thread but, as PCA has taken to advertising both on occasion, relevant.

In our (Ayr) local shops and stores, Digital TVs and Radios were most notable by their almost complete absence.

Assuming that HMG's statement that they wish to turn off the Analogue Stream in the next five years. How do they plan to do this with a vast proportion of the hardware in existence being within the first half of its projected life-cycle.

  anchor 16:42 06 Jan 2004

I live in NW London. No problem is finding a digital radio, albeit a limited choice, but a digital TV is rarer than hens teeth.

If this government were to continue with their idea to close analogue TV in the next 5 years, (leaving many with redundant equipment), then they should remember that those same people are also voters.

  Ben Avery 16:46 06 Jan 2004

Analogue TV is about as likely to disappear in the next 5 years as cassette tapes were.


  DieSse 16:49 06 Jan 2004

But all you have to do for the TV is add a "Freeview" box - and bingo, you have digital TV.

No need to throw your old TV away - and some merit in having a separate box - it allows to to buy different types of box - notably those with hard dribes in.

  DieSse 16:50 06 Jan 2004

dribes??? - probably Mobstor and Seagoat ones ;-))

  Stuartli 16:54 06 Jan 2004

If you go to the Freeview website or the BBC's digital pages and key in your postcode you will be able to find out if you can view digital TV and radio programmes.

Some areas have very limited coverage as the main transmitters are used to relay the signals.

  wee eddie 22:25 06 Jan 2004

shows less than 50% coverage.

Mind I suppose that you need it while sitting in one of those traffic jam thingies.

  Salinger 22:38 06 Jan 2004

"Digital" TV is a bit of a misnomer, the digital signal is converted to an analogue signal so that it can be seen by your TV.

  Stuartli 13:39 07 Jan 2004

It is a misnomer only in that far more TV and radio signals can be compressed in digital form and carried by the available bandwidth - the signals have to be converted back to analogue because you are using an analogue TV.

Freeview currently lists 79 channels although, obviously, not all these are being used at present.

Not all digital radio station reception is as good as might be expected - on some the bass is so overwhelming it has to be turned right down.

  wee eddie 16:33 07 Jan 2004

According to the map. The area in which I live is to be offered a digital signal at the end of 2004, with certain parts of the area already covered.

As a dedicated FM listener, I have recently noticed a considerable degradation in signal strength.

Could this be coincidental!

  Salinger 17:14 07 Jan 2004

So are you saying that if you have a "Digital" TV the signal will not be converted to Analogue ?

Just where can one get one of these "Digital" TV sets?

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