Digital Car tyre pump

  rawprawn 13:43 01 Dec 2008

I need to buy a pump for my car tyres that I can plug into the cigar lighter and automatically pump them to a preset pressure.
I am thinking of this one click here
Anyone with any experience or advice.

  oldbeefer2 13:53 01 Dec 2008

I have something similar which I bought from Halfords (this model on sale at ebay click here). They're OK, but noisy and very slow to inflate a tyre. Not too bad for just a slight top-up, but you still need to be patient. Mine has a preset, so you can leave it to it's own devices and it will switch off when pressure is reached.

  rawprawn 14:57 01 Dec 2008

Thanks oldbeefer2,I am looking fopr that kind of information.

  Woolwell 14:58 01 Dec 2008

Gizoo seems to have it for a tiny bit cheaper click here but I haven't considered delivery for either sites.
I too am considering getting one of these.

  rawprawn 15:15 01 Dec 2008

Thanks Woolwell, but if you look at the customer reviews on my link they are both very good, which is what is attracting me.

  john bunyan 15:15 01 Dec 2008

Rawprawn. Like oldbeefer 2 I have one from Halfords - advantage is if it goes wrong you can get a replacement if in warranty easily. I found it very handy when I had a slow puncture and was able to top up so I could get to the tyre repairers without (me) having to change an awkward 4x4 tyre. Had a smaller one but do go for at least the Halford standard as it is slow on a big tyre. Also get the adapter supplied as extra for slim bike tyre valves (if you need one!).

  rawprawn 15:16 01 Dec 2008

but if --- should read and if

  rawprawn 15:24 01 Dec 2008

Thanks john bunyan, my problem is that my car is fitted with BMW Run Flat tyres. I have only had one punture and they are very good (But very expenive, as you have to buy a new one if you have a puncture because of H & S Rules)
The problem is that if you have a slow puncture, or gradual loss of pressure you can't tell by looking or the way it drives, so I am having to check the tyre pressure more often than I would with ordinary tyres.

  oldbeefer2 15:42 01 Dec 2008

My Mini 'S' is fitted with runflats and a low pressure indicator (works through the ABS sensors). Came on even with a slow puncture - your motor not fitted with similar?

  rawprawn 15:46 01 Dec 2008

No it's a BMW 320 SE D, there is no low pressure indicator except if you have a loss (I think total loss) of pressure the computer indicator lights up. I must check and see if that is correct. As I said it has only happened once.

  rawprawn 15:53 01 Dec 2008

I am wrong, I have just rung the dealer and they tell me that the warning light will come on if pressure is lost (Not a puncture) to check the tyres and reset the indicator. If it comes back on it's apuncture.
Well, well, we live and learn I have only had the car 2 years you would think I would know better.

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