Digital cameras - less well known makes

  Aristocatman 22:28 19 Apr 2005

I appreciate that the big names in digital cameras spew out new models at such a rate that keeping reviews up to date is a problem. But it would be nice to see reviews of cameras from the less well known makes & I am aware that some of these are badge engineered ie Megxon 480/Practica Luxmedia 4008/ Yakumo Mega Image 84D all the same camera but I've never seen a review of this(these?) in a Computer/photography/Consumer magazine or online sites yet for the money this and a lot of other cameras offer a real alternative to the big boys. Anybody got any thoughts on this?

  Totally-braindead 22:39 19 Apr 2005

I see your point but personally I would only buy a brand name camera, the reasons are they tend to be better quality in the construction and the lens especially and it is possible to get them repaired, though admitedly in this disposable world it may be uneconomic. Considering you can get a decent branded camera for about the £150 mark, some even cheaper I wouldn't buy a cheap non brand name camera. A reason it may be differcult to get a review of one of these cameras may be as you've pointed out one camera can be rebranded with maybe 5 different names/makes which I suppose would make reviews fairly differcult. It will be interesting to see if the others agree with me on this or not.

  romaneagle 22:46 19 Apr 2005

The lenses of cheaper cameras, tend to be plastic as opposed to optical glass, therefore they are inferior - stick with the well-known manuafacturers of cameras.

  Aristocatman 22:56 19 Apr 2005

Good point but even cheap electronics are remarkably reliable I bought a Practica Luxmedia 4008 version I couldn't resist it it was a silly price on eBay from Germany & Practica is well established Camera & lens maker & have good sevice in this country. I have given the camera a fair old bashing & am generally very impressed it's not perfect bit slow on startup & auto focus struggles in very poor light but the results are excellent & the 8x zoom is a boon, viewfinder is grainy but useable & you can switch between it & the screen for better quality viewing. Got menus coming out of its ears with pretty near every type of adjustment you can think of.
I bought it, 4 sets of 2400mA nhi batteries, intelligent charger, carrying case & a 256mb Sd card from ebay ( not the same sellers) for less than £200 - what can I say?

  Aristocatman 23:01 19 Apr 2005

Don't forget that companies like Megxon Texon in Taiwan manufacture cameras for some of the big makes.

  josie mayhem 23:08 19 Apr 2005

when I brought my digi camera, cost was an issuse. I brought a vivitar for far less than a compatible branded name, and the quality is has good as my friend coolpix and another's cannon.

Vivitar is a American company, and looking on it's web site and some reviews that I've managed to see, it has a reasonable prepertation.

  Pooke100 23:53 19 Apr 2005

I'm a strong believer in big brand names in electronics not just cameras. I suppose I see the point that it would be nice to see reviews of the lesser brands in magazines.

Fair enough we'd get more insight in to these products but if, and I say IF they are really inferior to the big brands it'll make them look worse and the big brands look alot better.

On the other hand too, these products are, I would say targeted at a different market. People that want to know about the latest cameras from Olympus, Fuji and so on won't wanna know about low budget efforts from unknown companies.

  Stuartli 09:46 20 Apr 2005

The vast majority of digital cameras are produced in Taiwan and are rebadged in many instances by other brands.

Here's a list of some of them:

click here

  Stuartli 09:50 20 Apr 2005
  Pooke100 10:33 20 Apr 2005

A factory can churn out different qualities of products depending on what the customer wants or is willing to pay (the customer being the camera company).

I can't believe that a lesser brand is going to have the same quality components as a "Big Brand" camera.

  Aspman 11:41 20 Apr 2005

It's all about expectations.

You wouldn't expect to pay £70 for an unknown brand 3M camera and expect the same quality as a £200 branded 3M camera.

If all you are after is a basic cheap digi camera for taking snaps then I would think you would be fine with a XYZ brand.

If you are serious about your photography then I would suggest that you shouldn't be looking at budget brands.

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