Digital Cameras and compact flash cards

  carver 21:02 02 Dec 2004

I've just bought a Canon EOS 300D camera and need a compact flash card but the prices vary so much between different brands that I just don't know which to buy. I've seen prices for a 512mb start at £55 and go as far as £150, the point is will I notice any difference or is it just the name you pay for. Any info about this would be extremely welcome as it's the first digital camera I've ever bought and I'm now swamped with information I don't really understand.

  rickf 21:40 02 Dec 2004

why not try with a 128 or 256 of a cheap brand first. if you're then satisfied, then go for more mb of the same brand. my experience is that it does not make much diffrence. there are two types of compact flash cards. make sure you get the right as I don't know your camera.

  Jarvo 22:10 02 Dec 2004

Its mostly to do with the write speed (ie the speed the card allows the image file to be written to it) you probably will not notice the difference between cards with the 300D. I use a Canon 10D and have two skandisk 512mb cards one of which is 40x and I cannot tell the difference. what you have to bare in mind is that the camera cashes images in its own buffer memory before writing to disk, so unless you use a very high speed camera (5 fps and more) which nether of ours are you are unlikely to tell the difference. Best advise stick with a known quality brand (don't go too cheep) and don't bother with speed.
Hope you have fun with your camera the images it will produce are out of this world.



  TomJerry 22:14 02 Dec 2004

most card come with 5-10 years warrenty (another marketing method beause in 5-10 years time, nobody will use them anymore).

you can get 512MB for £17.54 free shipping click here

buy it, it shouldwork, if not sell to someone in ebay

  TomJerry 22:17 02 Dec 2004

if it is high speed one such as Ultra 2 from Sandisk, it will say specifically.

If you want to buy high speed one, make sure your camera can use it

  HXP 22:27 02 Dec 2004

Hi not in the same league as your camera's but I have used PQI & MEMOREX and not really noticed any difference.

In my iPAQ I have used Kingston & PQI again without noticing any difference.

I would buy one brand one card at a time and as prices are pretty low perhaps go for 256 mb card initially. Buy a bigger card same brand if it's ok.


  wjrt 23:03 02 Dec 2004

click here
look here

  grumpy-git 23:08 02 Dec 2004


Taken 35,000+ photos with a Pentax 3mb camera & 23,000+ with a Canon EOS300D, using cards by Unity, Sandisk, Fujifilm & Dane-elec.

None of the cards are expensive "fast" ones & with the Canon I have managed about 13 shots in a minute.

All my cards seem to work well.


  carver 20:38 03 Dec 2004

Thanks for the advice, at least it's made me stop worrying in case I was buying the wrong sort of flashcard. Jarvo, thank you for the info about how it works, most helpfull, now all I need is a useful mag on digital photography.

  Stuartli 12:58 04 Dec 2004

Total Digital Photography is an excellent magazine - if you go to click here you can arrange to have the next three monthly issues free of charge and see if you like it.

  Dipso 23:26 04 Dec 2004

Free 256MB Compact Flash card
Purchase an EOS 300D between 1 September and 31 December 2004 and can claim a free 256Mb CF card by registering for the Canon iMAGE GATEWAY. Details of this promotion, and instructions on how to claim, are printed on stickers on the box of EOS 300D cameras. Once you've registered the CF card will be delivered to you by post.

Did you get a sticker?

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