digital cameras

  harps1h 12:17 29 Mar 2005

i am looking to buy a new digital camera. as this is the first and having read many reviews i really need personal experience. i have around £150 to spend.

i leave it open to yourselves for advice


  Stuartli 12:32 29 Mar 2005

If you key in digital cameras into the search box on the left hand side of this page, you'll find dozens of recent threads on this very subject.

  pauldonovan 12:44 29 Mar 2005

...I doubt this is the best site for assistance on Digital Camera purchases. Take a look at click here

I can personally recommend Canon from experience. There is a Canon Forum on that site and if you look in there or even post a question you won't be dissapointed.

There's also a very thorough review section and you can see cameras around your price range with sample pictures, you can get to it here: click here

YOu might want to go to:

click here

and bung in a street price of say $300 and you'll get all the cameras back around that price and with a link to user reviews of them!

THere's a "Buying Guide" section with the top cameras in it (by hits on their site)

When you actually buy, if you are uk based, I would recommend you search for your camera on say click here and find the lowest price. Then print the page off (take a few along) and go to Jessops who will always (in my experience) match one of the lowest prices. I and friends have saved hundreds this way and you get the backup of having a store you can go back to.

  anchor 13:13 29 Mar 2005

See my thread here:

click here

  961 14:33 29 Mar 2005

Canon every time

  TomJerry 15:05 29 Mar 2005

slightly over your budget, but I am certain that you will be veru pleased with this little guy

almost smallest in the world, the picture is as good as other big brothers.

click here, click here

  Stuartli 16:47 29 Mar 2005

>>In reality....
...I doubt this is the best site for assistance on Digital Camera purchases>>

Why not?

With more than 163,000 registered forum members there's a very good chance that virtually every digital camera model on the planet is covered...:-)

You, for instance, recommend Canon. I would agree, but there are also some excellent models from every top Japanese brand name, including Fuji, Olympus, Nikon, Ashai Pentax, Konica, Minolta (now Konica-Minolta), Sony, Casio and Epson.

More important is not merely to choose a digital or any other type of camera based merely on looks, price and specifications.

Narrowing the field down to a handful of models that are of interest and then visiting Jessops and trying them all out for their handling, ease of use and results is far more important - you have to live with that camera for some time and best to get it right.

I only suggest Jessops because as well as enabling you to try out various models it will, as mentioned, normally price match other retailers except for some online offers, except sometimes those from Continental suppliers such as Pixmania and Nomatica (I've also found using such outlets a risky way to buy based on previous experience).

However, those who use Jessops or similar retailers just to try out a camera or cameras and then buy it elsewhere for a few pounds less are, to me, beneath contempt.

  pauldonovan 17:43 29 Mar 2005

Because presumably the 163,000 forum members are interested and have expertise in PCs. Whereas the large number of registered members on the DPREVIEW site have experience and advice on digital cameras.

THe same reason if I wanted an opinion on Ford Cars I probably wouldn't ask here over 'buyaford' !!! I'm sure there's plenty of ford owners here but I think dpreview is a better site to get the advice from IMHO.

No harm posting both here and there.

  beattyben 18:25 29 Mar 2005

harps1h, I have an Olympus Mju 400 and as a first digital camera I would thoroughly recommend it, small, stylish,weatherproof, gives excellent results and is currently on sale at Amazon for £125.00. Happy snapping!

  Stuartli 09:19 30 Mar 2005

I've been an amateur and (one-time) professional photographer for 55 years and I'm also a computer enthusiast.

I quite happily mix the two environments and find the knowledge and experience of one is very useful in the second and vice versa.

To contemptuously dismiss the entire PCA forum membership as not having enough expertise between them to offer digital camera buying advice, is the equivalent of me claiming that the dpreview membership would be a useless source to glean computer related information on the subject.

  pauldonovan 10:40 30 Mar 2005


I didn't say the membership didn't have enough expertise to offer advice, I merely said that dpreview would probably be a better bet. I also provided links to a number of useful resources that this site does not (and should not) provide in terms of comparing cameras and the like.

I'm surprised you seem to be arguing as an experienced photographer that a PC Magazine forum is the ideal place to seek Digital Photography advice.

I apologise if I've 'contemptuously dismissed' the entire forum but I doubt many will share your view that I have done that. I was merely proposing a more suitable forum for the advice requested while at the same time (as you'll see in my post above) suggesting that there's no harm asking both. I can't see any problem with that so I'd suggest we leave it there.

Kind Regards,


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