Digital Camera Video - tax rise

  anchor 14:17 08 Oct 2007

I read today that the EU is to increase the tax rate on digital cameras capable of recording video with a resolution higher than 800x600 and the duration of video of 30 minutes of more (at 23 fps or higher).

They will classed video camera recorders and be taxed at a higher rate. Another triumph for Brussels tax gathering.

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  anchor 10:38 15 Oct 2007

As it appears that members are not intending to buy this sort of camera, I will click resolved.

  €dstowe 10:54 15 Oct 2007

I don't understand this. The UK has a standard rate of sales tax (VAT), except for fuels, of 17.5% and this is either applied or not (VAT exempt).

Who is this making these pronouncements? Does it actually apply in the UK or just in other EU countries who nominally accept these taxes changes and then promptly ignore them?

  mikeben121 21:39 15 Oct 2007

Its not tax in that sense its import duties which are bundled up in the price before VAT is added. Mind you companies tend to price by market pricing and then work back to get a transfer price that suits their needs. IE make profit where it attracts less tax.

  anchor 09:27 16 Oct 2007

€dstowe: As I recall the special rate of tax applied to digital video camcorders, (not VAT), depended on whether it had a video-in connection. Thus many camcorders have/had only a video out, to avoid the higher level of tax.

What this EU tax is called I don`t know; but it certainly was/is in place.

  anchor 10:02 16 Oct 2007


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"The EU requires DV camcorders to be sold with 'DV in' disabled unless they are also classed and pay additional tax as 'videoplayers'"

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