Digital Camera Repair- have you had one?

  jack 13:57 13 May 2007

I am simply collecting information on the repairability of this new must have.
If you have had an out of warranty repair carried out would please post the detail- here.

  spuds 16:03 13 May 2007

Not so much an out of warranty but very nearly. Had problems with a Kodak DX3700. Kodak arranged for DHL to collect and package, and send to Belgium. Repaired and returned within a week, at no cost to me. Even gave me extra batteries, and updated driver cd for free.

  setecio 16:12 13 May 2007

I would push where I bought it from and the manufacturers, but if I hit dead end and it was out of warranty, it would into the bin like most electronic items these days. Repair would probably come close to price of a new one. But luckily I've no experience of it.

  Diemmess 17:14 13 May 2007

Ironic isn't it Jack, since you were one of those that contributed to click here
That was my second Olympus camera that had been sent for repair.
The first was current production and took (only!!) a month via Jessops.

  Diemmess 17:22 13 May 2007

The first repair was outside warranty and I had after all dropped it from a high table to a hard floor!

The second, was some unprovoked internal switching thing, out of warranty yet a fine compact digital also out of production.
Repair costs seems to standardise at least 40% replacement charge, i.e. it may be easier for the outfit to replace your camera at cost price to them.

  leo49 17:46 13 May 2007

I took my Fuji into Jessop's as the sprung pin holding one end of the strap in a moulded housing on the camera had gone missing.I was told that all Fuji repairs had to be sent away whatever the fault and there was a fixed cost per model.Even though the camera was only 2 years old[I know that's ancient these days],it no longer existed in their tariff menu but a repair to an equivalent fuji model would be a fixed £138.The small pin can only actually cost 1p! The camera remains strapless,needless to say.

  jack 19:16 13 May 2007

Thank you all so far.
Iask because I get a lot from another forum asking about these things they in the main are like Timex Watches - bust it get the next- even in the real of so called Hi end stuff- all made modular and -no spares
I'll leave this open a while longer

  Totally-braindead 20:21 13 May 2007

I had a camera that went faulty after 2 years and I just binned it mainly because of cost. It was £130 and for the less money now I could get a much better one so I considered it a waste.
If cameras had not moved on in image quality/resolution then I might have considered trying to get it repaired but since it wasn't a dear camera it wasn't worth it.

  frostyuk 20:36 13 May 2007

i am having to send of my sigma flash damaged was caused by myself but sigma have been great very fast at replyng to my emails and also the price for the repair is great so thumbs up sigma

  anchor 09:49 14 May 2007

Where is this wonderful consumer protection that the government used as an excuse not to implement the 2 year warranty proposed by the EU a few years ago?.

Any legal eagles out there who can advise us?.

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